Xbox 720/PS4 Bypassing Blu-Ray For Holography?

William Usher of Blend Games discusses why "Blu-ray" might not be the way that the next gaming consoles are headed. The future might be a little more "Star Wars" than you had expected...

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popcan3488d ago

Considering the collapse of blu ray sales SONY has to invest in something. Might as well accept failure to retain that tiny bit of dignity, is what I always say.

cyguration3488d ago

Blu-ray isn't dead yet and the article says it can work with the holograph stuff.

morganfell3488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

Yes but on a day filled with such great PS3 news someone needed something, anything to try and keep a grip on sanity. And pp, we know who you are.

Game13a13y3488d ago

first they said digital distribution, now this, what's next? a laser beam directly to your head?

Why o why3488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

you'll have to pay a packet for that <9 gig laser compatible head, no worries though. Everything else for that head will be available via dlc

SaiyanFury3488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

When it launched people complained about BD keeping the price of the PS3 high. Now they expect people to buy an even more expensive technology when the current one has become the standard and most likely will remain so for the next several years? I can't speculate what the Xbox 720 would use for a medium, but I seriously doubt it's going to be holography. Considering that the discs cost at least a hundred dollars each, it's not fiscally feasible.

IcarusOne3488d ago

Read the article. At less than 10 cents/gig, HOM will be cheaper than blu-ray.

GE has said themselves that this is geared more towards storage and archival purposes. Given that most devs still haven't maxed out DVD, no devs have harnessed the extra power of blu-ray, I don't know how necessary this tech is for gaming.

Go figure Morganfail would try to spin this into an anti-PS3 article. He's the like the annoying chick at the party who makes everything about her.

SnuggleBandit3488d ago

"most devs still haven't maxed out DVD, no devs have harnessed the extra power of blu-ray"

Ever heard of Killzone 2 or Metal Gear Solid 4???

So you must be they guy at the party who talks sh#t about everything else and knows nothing about it

cherrypie3488d ago


"Yes but on a day filled with such great PS3 news someone "

What great news? Promises of betas "real soon now"?

menoyou3488d ago

God this website is always riddled with so many CRAP articles with sensational headlines. Holographic Versatile Disc is already obsolete. Blu-ray can already store terabytes worth of data on a multi-layer disc and it will function with existing Blu-ray players. That new DVD produced that holds 100 times more data is also obsolete. Blu-ray will be around for next gen.

GWAVE3488d ago

So multiple disks and digital downloads were totally fine. Blu Ray was TOTALLY unnecessary.

Now, bigger disc sizes is all the rage. When will people make up their minds?

morganfell3488d ago

What rock have you been under? MP in Uncharted 2 officially detailed. There hasn't been a more prominent story on this site today. Now where is that ignore button...

raztad3488d ago

Wow, is just amazing how we came from BD is not needed we are damn fine with multiples dvds to BD is OLD tech we need much more space :D. Be real on this, it's not like the 720 is coming in 2020. Now that Blu is industry standard, everybody (including the reluctant MS) will need to adopt the format. I can foresee the widespread use of BDs as a storage medium for games for several reasons, one of them is to control piracy.

Traveler3488d ago

First, you have a lot of people acting like Blu-ray offers no advantages for games and that DVDs are just fine, yet we're suppose to believe that game consoles will skip Blu-ray and jump to holographic disc?

I'm sorry, but that doesn't make any sense. The truth is Blu-ray has been useful for some games, but many games this gen still haven't utilized the extra capacity. So, if not all games are even using the extra capacity of Blu-ray this generation, why in the world would games require something other than Blu-ray next generation?

Would it make sense for Sony or Microsoft to utilize some other format, when Blu-ray is currently the high-def standard? If Sony's next machine has Blu-ray capability and Microsoft's uses some other proprietary format, it would only be seen as a negative for the MS console and a positive for the Sony machine. console allows me to play hundreds or thousands of high-quality Blu-ray movies and the other doesn't...

No, I can virtually guarantee that the 360 will use Blu-ray. At least, it will if Microsoft is smart.

lsujester3488d ago

Any assumption that Blu-ray or at least some proprietary equivalent is going to be in the PS4/NextBox is crazy. While all these new disc techs are cool, they are still years away from maturity, and will decidedly not cost-efficient compared to years old tech.

For the new consoles to (assumption here) to launch in 2011 or 12, they will have to have final specs laid down next year or the year after. The reason for that is because they need ample time for production and marketing, without having to rush everything to get it out.

For instance, the Xbox 360 planning stages started in 2003, with actual boxes coming late 2005, and they still have to rush to get it out then. The PS3 had a similar timeline, but came out a year later because of Blu-ray. The next rounds will also need a large development stage, which means any brand new will not be close to full maturity. And good luck trying to get movie producers to use yet another disc. Any new one could quickly turn into another UMD even if it's initially supported.

As for DD, I think it will gradually have a bigger part in the gaming world. But it won't be a main source of delivery for some time solely because of the market. A large part of the gaming population have little to nothing to do with the internet in their daily gaming lives now, and that probably won't change. To force digital distribution on them will more than likely completely turn some off. Not to mention the ridiculously low download speeds in U.S. (which is also the largest market), will make DD practically unusable for many.

Labwarriorbot3487d ago

1) MS is not in holography technology.
2) Sony, however, is.

So even if this article is correct, then yes, PS4 will incorporate holography technology. 720 or whatever, will not.

3) But the article is incorrect, because Blu Ray is already dominant and here to stay for the next decade. If not longer.

Sarcasm3487d ago

"What great news? Promises of betas "real soon now"? "

How about the promises of new IPs and exclusive games from Microsoft? Wail til TGS. Wait til GDC. Wait til E3. Wait til Fall.

Labwarriorbot3487d ago

Whats there to disagree about?

Microsoft is not in holography technology. These dumb fanboys talk like as if MS is in every pie and every corner of the world. GUESS WHAT, they are not! MS is a SOFTWARE company and thats all. Granted, they are the largest software company but thats all they do. Write software and programs. Their main business is Windows. They have some small time adventures but thats all. They dont have interests in every corner of the planet. Hell, they dont even want to develop games anymore which is apparent in the direction they took.

Sony, on the other hand, is a diversified company which has interests in manufacturing, movies, banking etc.
Yes, Sony is in holography technology. MS is not.

And how can anyone disagree with BluRay being dominant? Its the only next gen format out there and its already reachable to 1000 GB. 5 years from now, Blu Ray will probably be able to hit 10 thousand GB even. They are here to stay for a very long time.

If you arent dumb as brick, click the agree button. The bricks: please do disagree and prove my point.

Ghoul3487d ago

^"Considering the collapse of blu ray sales"

living a dream ? bluray is the fastes selling new format since cassetes

na2ru13487d ago (Edited 3487d ago )

Difference is, we still get the complete perfected game. I must say I can't wait for Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2.

DeadlyFire3487d ago

Take a look at what Blu-Ray has to offer. HVD supporting Blu-ray is nice, but its not likely that Sony will jump into HVD format. Its very likely that Microsoft will pick up HVD though and support Blu-Ray movie playback while Sony keeps its Blu-Ray and scales it up to compete in Round 2.

200 GB Blu-Ray.
400 GB Blu-Ray.

leyego3487d ago

lets not forget the TV's
y would companies want to switch to a new output format when HD tv hasn't even become mainstream yet?

Pekka3487d ago

Although Blu-ray has great capacity, it'll always remain much slower than even the slowest possible HDD's on market. According to many experts, you can never go faster 8X speed with BR (equivalent of about 30X DVD). It is like DVD drives can't be much faster 20X speed because of physical limitation of optical media. And seek times for PS3 BR drive is around 300 ms while HDD's usually have seek time of 10-15 ms (yes, HDD has 20 times faster seek times).

I'm not sure how fast is holographic but it's probably much faster than BR. So that could be good enough motivation to use new format for gaming at least.

Christopher3487d ago (Edited 3487d ago )

It's called a recession. Have people forgotten that DVD, TV, and other entertainment sales have continued to decline as well?

The article itself is a complete failure since it's based on theory and not fact and doesn't take into consideration our current economic status.

locos853487d ago

We all know that the only reason people like to dismiss blu-ray because it is Sony's tech. If blu-ray was from any other company the 360 boys would happy with it and Sony boys wouldn't defend it so much. Now they want to get a tech that is really unneeded just because it isn't a Sony product. The only way we would need that is if we will be using Ultra High Def (UHD) with a resolution of 3840 × 2048.

If they want tech better than blu-ray why aren't they on the format now? Which is the best available format now.

People make no sense

jerethdagryphon3487d ago

ok standard dvd = dvd 5= 4.7 gigabyte
pioneers 20 layer bluray= 500 gigabyte

i remember reading about holoraphic disks in the very late 90s early 00
i also recall articles in pc mags about 3d chips, asychronus chips and holographic ram

none came to pass
im not holding my breath abotu this

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RKRigney3488d ago

After seeing Will.I.Am interviewed on FOX news entirely in hologram, I couldn't help but imagine Final Fantasy 27 in hologram form.


oriol0033488d ago

I havent even heard of that format

Cartesian3D3487d ago

Im a MBA student.. I had a technology management research last year about BLU-RAY and storage media future (I predicted that blu-ray will surpass DVD market share in 2010-2011)

and about Holographic Discs.. I had a complete research about that too..

companies like SONY or other optical drive devs can make a combo player for Blu-ray and Holographic..(it means Blu-ray will stay alive like DVDs right now!)

so Holographic (with more storage capacity, and ULTRA fast data transfer about 1Gb/s reading speed) will be the next gen format for DATA and GAMEs , BUT blu-ray with near same storage(but with more layers) will stay for MOVIES (for movies you dont need that Holographic like speed) .

ravinash3487d ago

fact is, if this does go the will probably be going on the market about the time BlurRay is due to be replaced anyway.
Thats years away, as is the next gen of consoles.

cyguration3488d ago

That would be the right thing for Microsoft to do with their...uhhh...
(insert flamebait noun here).

RKRigney3488d ago

I'm ready to see Red Rings of Death in HD hologram form.

The Dude3488d ago


I'm ready to see blu-ray be a thing of the past like the last place failing ps3.

table3487d ago

Why do xbox fanboys want to see blu-ray fail? Why do xbox fanboys want to continue using DVDs for another 10years? Beyond pathetic...

Why o why3487d ago

like someone said above. They feel that blu ray isnt needed and dvd is fine....until something else comes along with an idea that it may compete or replace blu ray then they lord it and prey it comes true...sad...sad. I laugh at them. Its like they'd prefer more upheaval in the format wars despite the fact that some were against sony for bringing a new one in in the first place. They're whole ethos towards sony's format wreaks of hypocritical jealousy with no real benefit AS they said they/HD games didnt need 'poo ray'

Keep hoping u cretins;)

Nineball21123487d ago

@ The Dude...

That was a pretty bad come back.

You might as well of just said "Oh, yeah?!"

Granted, it was a cheap shot by RKRigney, but you knew there had to be one comment about it in this thread. ;-)

Look, as others have said... it's sheer hypocrisy on the part of Xbox "fanboys". Non-fanboys will admit that Blu-ray is better than DVD-9. Hell, HD DVD was better and I think it's too bad that MS just happened to choose that tech over Blu-ray.

Just think where the multi-plats might have been if BOTH MS and Sony had used Blu-ray to begin with...

This tech is a "wow, that's a neat idea" thing, but it won't be available anytime soon.

It'll be REALLY interesting to see what format MS takes for their next console.

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