Shut The F UP! Gratuitous Swearing In Games Growing


"I swear (figuratively), playing all the gung-ho "I'm cool 'cause I've got tons of bad language" games these days can feel like I'm on Xbox Live with drunken foul-mouthed sods from the Country That Shall Remain Nameless.

Case in point: the recent Chronicles of Riddick: Assault On Dark Athena. The enemy just don't shut the f*** up!"

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XboxOZ3604239d ago

Well what can I say . . Actually, I'm sick to death of it all, not only in games, but also on XboxLIVE and other mediums. Sure, swearing has been around since gods-knows-when. However, it's not been such a huge thing as it is now, where children grow up thinking it's a normal part of everyday language, which it IS NOT.

If developers make great games, they do not have to rely on the swearing that seems to fill them these days. The gameplay and mechanics should make the game shine.

gaminoz4239d ago

I didn't realise Gears of War 2 you can choose to filter out bad language. Maybe if you are going to make it a feature of your game that might be a good option?

allegionary4239d ago

I didn't either. That's a good idea, though I don't remember too much over the top swearing there? There probaby wa...i was just too involved to notice

Uncle Rico4239d ago

Internet + Young Kids = Ability to do anything they want that they would most likely not do in real life

ZuperAmazingCooKie4239d ago

I thought the dialogues for Killzone and Gears of war sucked because there was no quality, only quantity and that quantity included too much meaningless swearing.

lsujester4239d ago

To me it depends on context. If you're portraying a person that would tend to curse more, then it can fit. But cursing just for the sake of cursing just shows ignorance.

For example, you would sort of expect this guy (who I randomly picked through Google)

to curse more than this guy:

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gaminoz4239d ago (Edited 4239d ago )

Yeah that movie Wanted was over the top and it sounded stupid there too. Yet it was funny in In Bruges... It has to be done with some context. Sure I know a lot of people actually DO talk like that, (like 50 Cent in the example) but all these scripted swear phrases in games just to sound like cool baddies do make a game seem a bit silly.

I think Riddick, Killzone 2, Conflict: Denied Ops, Kane & Lynch are good examples...

Immortal Kaim4239d ago

I agree, sometimes it can seem out of place (like your wanted reference), but other times it can add to the legitimacy of the dialogue. Look at GTA4 for example, the dialogue is so much more believable because of the occasional 'swear word'. It's all about balance.

allegionary4239d ago

Yeah that wanted movie was try hard.

GrathiusXR4239d ago

lol i still can't believe that a Wii game has gotten in the Gusiness Book of Records for most swearing in a video game who would of thought :P

gaminoz4239d ago

Which one was that? Was it that zombie on rails one?

onijutsu4239d ago

twas "house of the dead: overkill" if i am not mistakenz

Superfragilistic4239d ago

Man you should play MadWorld if you like constant inane swearing.

That thing delivers! lol

gaminoz4239d ago (Edited 4239d ago )

Zeitgeist no offence but...YOU HAVE TO PUT THE TITLE IN AS IT IS IN THE ACTUAL ARTICLE. Can't change the rules. And who cares if XBox and GCN are dead...they have a channel for it and games back then had less swearing. Therefore relevant.

Please stop reporting just for the sake of it!

XboxOZ3604239d ago (Edited 4239d ago )

AHh, but you see, they get 10 brownie points in the N4g score for every report, so you could basically lodge reports all day and get several hundred points . . instant rise in ones points tally . . Which is another thing that needs looking at by N4g staff.

Oh, and you do realize, that the person that lodges a report can delete it, then make another covering BOTH items, rather than one report for each item . . but that would mean LESS POINTS you see . . get the picture now . .

This is a generalised thing on n4g, and ppl exploit it no end.

I'll now remove mine as it wasn't a report, but a comment . .

patterson4239d ago

Tired of the stupid talk, but hey, the developers are pandering to the lowest common denominator.

Ugly characters, doing ugly things, to other ugly characters, in an ugly world, while using ugly language. That $hit sells games!!!

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