IGN: Patapon 2 Review

IGN writes: "Patapon 2 is more engaging and makes you use all of your classes, it's easier to customize because of the control the Evolution Tree gives you over your army, it's more transparent thanks to its tip screens and item-exchanging mini-games, it's more well-rounded because of the multiplayer options and it's just an all-around awesome game. If someone had only played the first few missions or glanced at some screens, I could understand why he or she would write the game off as a clone, but this experience is so much deeper than the original that you really can't fault it for looking like its brother. Fans of the last game should have no apprehension about picking this game up, while noobs should climb aboard and be thankful for the explanations and demos they get this time around".

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Immortal Kaim4096d ago

For once I'm actually interested in seeing the sale numbers for a game, the digital distribution model adopted by Sony in the NA market will be a good test case for the likely 'DD only model' of the PSP2.

CBaoth4096d ago (Edited 4096d ago )

Unless Sony reveals the numbers at a later date, it's all speculation and conjecture right?

Immortal Kaim4096d ago

Good point...Forgot about sales numbers not incorporating Digital Distribution...Oops :)

Well I guess Sony will release numbers themselves if it sells reasonably well.

ThanatosDMC4095d ago

It's a lot easier to control than the first game. The beats arent that demanding on this game. Dont ask how i know and why it's on my PSP all ready ::wink wink::

But yeah, im buying it. Just like i imported MHP2G when i installed the english patch for it.

callahan094096d ago

Holy crap. I didn't expect this high of a score.

SpoonyRedMage4096d ago

If all of the reviews are about that high it may top Gow: CoO. That'd be weird...

InfectedDK4096d ago

Agreed, high score, although I haven't played it.

xabmol4095d ago

You obviously haven't played the first one.

callahan094095d ago

Actually I did play the first one. I just didn't expect that they could improve upon it and keep it fresh without it seeming like too much of more of the same. Anyway, I'm surprised because IGN UK only gave it a 7.0 when they reviewed it back in February. And IGN AU gave it an 8.4, which is lower than the 8.8 they gave to the original. So IGN US is the only part of IGN that rated it anywhere near this highly, and higher than their respective score for the original Patapon. Thus: I'm surprised!

xabmol4094d ago

#2 really deserves the 9.5 it got.

The only bad thing I can say about it is that there is still no pause button. It can be really annoying fighting a powerful boss then losing because you had to divert your attention for a minute. I think a pause button is kinda important for a portable game, but then again you can always just put the PSP in sleep mode. (>.0)

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wholikeswood4096d ago

Sony strike gold again.

Long live the PSP.

raztad4095d ago

Patapon the first is such an amazing game, simple and yet deep, lovable and yet challenging. Gotta love the second one. As you said, INCREDIBLE score.

xabmol4095d ago

You'll love the second. More everything. And a really cool evolution tree.



Remember, don't just evolve along one path. You need to mix the branching paths to get the good Rarapons. (>.0)

OmarJA4096d ago

Damn!, one little game from Sony's first party studios on the PSP is better than most of the 360's exclusives... :D

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