CVG Interviews: Hironobu Sakaguchi

CVG had the opportunity to interview Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi. Check out his thoughts on how he'll try to top the world famous series:

Credited as the creator of Final Fantasy, which every stat-loving gamer has surely sampled in one form or another, Sakaguchi is now shaping a new series of RPGs under the label of his new non-Square studio, Mistwalker.

CVG recently caught up with the man to discuss the recently-announced English version of his stellar Xbox 360 offering Blue Dragon as well as Lost Odyssey.

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xbox 1 was undoubtebly the halo console.
xbox 360 is the period of building up titles to associate with the brand
the next xbox will pwnerize all

BBsin5245d ago

aw c'mon, give respect where respect is due. There wouldn't be a FF franchise if he didn't do what he did before.