CGC: Dark Souls Review

Dark Souls is a Role Playing Game (RPG) where players have to take on the role of a mercenary. The mercenary, Gauly, is haunted by his past and running from the law. He is constantly being hunted and getting pretty tired of it. The Church had a hand in putting a bounty on his head, but now the Church needs his help. Gauly is a bit weary of the church, given their past, but helps out anyway.

Dark Souls has a Final Fantasy feel to it. Players adventure as Gauly, but when it comes time to fight all party members are revealed. There are random encounters as you move your way through the quests. The quests are not always straight forward, as they aren't with many RPGs, that is part of the fun. Players are not left dangling, though, since each event has directions to it. Not to mention when the player advances the story line text comes up and you know you are in the right place.

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