Wii Reaches Over 6 Million Sales Already?

The controversial sales medium that is VGCharts has put forward that the Wii has now sold 6.03 million units, fast closing in on the 9.66 million units sold by the Xbox 360. PS3 doesn't seem to be doing too badly with 2.67 million units.

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power of Green 5237d ago

The 360 has been at this number for months VGcharts is a bunch of Bull.

anthonsh5237d ago (Edited 5237d ago )

The numbers for VGCharts seem to be pretty good for PS3 and Wii (the PS3 just went up from 2.1M to 2.6M (ish), which I believe to be a good estimate for initial sales in Europe). The XBox360 sales havnt moved much, which is odd... But they're not exactly flying off the shelves ATM. They seem to be reasonably accurate, something like +/- 1 Million.

power of Green 5237d ago (Edited 5237d ago )

THIS chart is bullshit at best. DJ these numbers are true because you want them to be true. No one takes VGcharts as credible only hardcore Sony fans. VG are the only company saying this despite the rest of the industry.

DJ5237d ago

those numbers are real. They sold 8.5 million units by the end of December, and another million units over the past three months. The Wii is catching up Very fast.

Rasputin20115237d ago (Edited 5237d ago )

The Xbox360 is a great machine and in my opinion the Wii along with the PS3 can end up out selling it and I will still feel like I had made the best choice for a next-gen console based on its games lineup so these sales figures(who knows if they are true facts) will not upset the "Hardcore" 360 fans as the games are what matter to the 360 camp aswell as the games SHOULD be what matters to "Hardcore" gamers not these "fountain pop" sales figures.

DJ5237d ago (Edited 5237d ago )

"Honestly DJ, The Xbox360 is a great machine"

I never said it wasn't; if you felt like I was insinuating otherwise, my apologies. I'm simply stating that there are quite a few people who become visibly upset when their console of choice isn't performing as well as they want it to. Now, for Power of Green:

"DJ these numbers are true because you want them to be true. No one takes VGcharts as credible only hardcore Sony fans. THIS chart is bullshit..."

Power claims that 'only hardcore Sony fans' take this site to have credible figures, but it only shows 2.67 million PS3 units sold, not some crazy amount like 8 million. I'm not really comprehending the logic in his accusations. It's possible that he, like several others, simply became confused over Microsoft's statement of "We sold 10.4 million units to retailers (i.e. shipped)" at CES in January. These companies use a lot of clever wording to beef up their image, so I understand that it's hard to see through the PR at times. There's some technicality in the whole shipment vs. sales figures, but it's important to understand the difference between selling to retailers (yes, the manufacturer gets money) and selling to consumers.

P.S. To this day, I still find it funny that I get labeled as a 'hardcore Sony fan' since I own an Xbox. =P

anthonsh5237d ago (Edited 5237d ago )

The best way to interpret this stuff is to compare it to your own life. So for the benefit of all your hardcore gamers out there, this is how my gaming community looks.


XBox360s lack of sales recently seems about right to me.

1) The only console on the shelves in my town is the XBox360. No PS3s, no Wiis.

2) I know 2 people with an XBox360, 6 with a Wii, and 0 with a PS3.

3) I know 0 people who are shopping for an XBox360, 0 people who are shopping for a PS3, and 5 who are considering a Wii, but dont want to go check the stores every day.


I knew about 4 people with an XBox, 4 with a PS2, and 2 with a GameCube.

ASSASSYN 36o5237d ago

I now know your are a nintendo fan boy whom surrounds himself with other nin-kiddie-to fan boys and don`t socialize very much.

Rasputin20115237d ago

A little FYI dude comments like is what helps give 360/PS3 fans a bad name...and I don't think we appreciate it.

ASSASSYN 36o5236d ago (Edited 5236d ago )

Holy crap you spelled my name right!!! You turbo people argue (disagree) over cars, clothing brands, and even what kind of golf club is the best. Disagreements are inevitable. If I want to make comments over somones choice of game console to please my ego then to bad you won`t stop it. You won`t quell me or the other gamers so end your futile crusade to do so and accept reality. This flower power world were ev eryone likes and accepts everything is un-realistic to occur with your intervention. So I won`t stop and nor will sony boys stop saying wait untill this date and sony will come back. But, it provides me pleasure watch them squirm under the pressure of sony`s failure. SMILE!

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