Mr.T to Star in a New Game

"ZootFly will develop a series of games packed with the trademark over-the-top adrenaline-pumping action of Mr. T.

The games will feature knuckle-whitening action-adventure, furious brawler combat, gravity-defying platforming, and environmental puzzles.

The first game will see Mr. T take on Nazis and their gigantic machines in the varied universe of South American rain forests, lost ancient cities, industrial complexes and contemporary military installations.

Along with Mr. T and other characters from the graphic novel, the game will feature non other than Will Wright. In this universe, Will Wright is not a top-notch game designer but a top-notch American geneticist who was kidnapped and coerced to work on a diabolic plan. Mr. T and Will Wright will join forces to annihilate the Nazis and their hardware.

Platforms include PS3, Xbox360, Wii and PC."

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SinnedNogara3461d ago

I pity the fool who buys it...........:/

TheColbertinator3461d ago

Screw that.I want an HD game based on the A-Team

nightelfmohawk3461d ago

..who doesn't buy my game. :D

lsujester3461d ago

"Well, maybe Mr. T hacked the game and created a Mohawk class. Maybe Mr. T is pretty handy with computers. Had that occurred to you, Mr. Condescending Director? I'm Mr. T and I'm a Night Elf Mohawk."

Even if I don't play WoW, I love that commercial.