HMV Brighton: 50 PS3's Left........................ out of 55

Another day, another joke about the PS3 not selling well in Europe. Today's laugh of the day comes from a HMV store in Brighton, gamers are in luck as 50 PS3's are still availe, just five sold since launch.

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TheMART4755d ago

The PS3 not selling well stories aren't incidents anymore... It's getting structural.

Like I already said before, Europe isn't very different to USA or Japan. Any human, anywhere on earth think the same: it's too expensive and brings to little in gaming, period

Funny stories though

gooner4755d ago

japan eh i will wait for npd figures to come

Anego Montoya FTMFW4755d ago

after mgs4 comes out is the time to talk about Japan`s ps3 love.

until then hate on the fact that your 360 already has and/or will break again.

ASSASSYN 36o4755d ago (Edited 4755d ago )

Wait for this wait for that. This is all you have to say in response to the reality of your favorite companies immenint demise in gaming. I will give you sony boys one thing you are persistent, oblivious, and loyal all that equals ignorant bliss.

Black Republican4755d ago

ok ok, i am getting tired of this, some are a little funny still though...

but this is just adding insult to injury
why kick a dog when it's down (in this case PS3 being the dog)

THAMMER14755d ago

But this $#!t is real. It is apart of our culture/hobby. Just like in Hip hop, some people are against the D-boy image and some love it because they can identify with the struggle.

So hate it ir love it, it is all in the game.

SmokeyMcBear4755d ago

ahaha oh boy, anybody that owns a 360, or ps3, is hardly struggling.

THAMMER14755d ago

You totaly missd the point. LOL

techie4755d ago

Bad luck. When you have 220,000 in stock of course you don't sell out. But at least you outsell both the Wii and 360 launches :)

Ps30074755d ago

Oh no someone has another sign up Ps3 is doomed for sure...

Better hope so cause last I looked a lot of cross platform games are starting to look better than the 360..

Quick damage control...

lol cant wait for real #'s to come out.

techie4755d ago

165,ooo launch (Wii 105,ooo 360 70,ooo)

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The story is too old to be commented.