The Witcher: Rise of the White Wolf canceled

According to sources, the console version of The Witcher has been canceled. Developer - CD Projekt RED and publisher CD Projekt haven't commented but they will release an official statement soon.
Translated version (via google) in Credit URL.

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Lucreto3460d ago

I hope it is not true I have held off from playing the PC version as I saw a console release.

hay3459d ago

There's no official info about it.
Maybe they meant april fools joke by RED team:

yoshiroaka3459d ago

Yea me too.
The witcher looks like a great game but my poor PC is way too weak to play it at a decent level.
Was really looking forward to getting it on a console.

No Way3459d ago

Haha. I'm in the same position as you..
My computer won't play the game at at decent speed.

It always slows down while I'm fighting.. then I die. =(

M337ING3460d ago

Sweet, another franchise that PC gamers can call their own.

Ghoul3459d ago

... leave gaming and never come back.

so its a good thing alot of people miss out on a great game ?

morganfell3459d ago (Edited 3459d ago )

A truly anti gaming opinion. I have played The Witcher since it launched and have the Uncensored Euro Enhanced version as well. Best RPG when it came out.

But I was still looking forward to see what they added for consoles. That said this is still a rumor and should have been marked as such time until official confirmation is received.

The site was just updated 3 days ago and CDProjekt is still hiring.

Ghoul3459d ago

agree morgan, so far this is nothing bad a "bad" rumor. and i highly doubt they have cancled it, its a awesome game that would attract many consoles gamers.

*sits back and waits*

Hildor_muthafo3459d ago

This is horrible news for the developer.. they're trying to sell their game to as many ppl as possible.

HWG3459d ago

I have to agree with Ghoul on this,

To not allow people to experience the wonderful story-telling extravaganza that is The Witcher is not only selfish thinking, but total ignorance. The Witcher did NOT do well in sales, and I want more Witcher! So I'm all for a PC to Console port ( Not the other way around mind you. ) to bring new audiences to this marvelous world of adult fantasy.

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jessehaysfl3459d ago

is this the fabled console version? if so im bummed......

VMAN_013459d ago


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The story is too old to be commented.