UGO: Best Games of E3

E3 then has always better than E3 now. The three-year run of cheesecake and payola from the first show in Los Angeles in 1995 to the expos apex in Atlanta in 1998 is, for many fans of the Golitah convention, not only incomparable to the E3 of today, but also unsurpassable.

As Jorge Manrique said, "Anytime gone by was better." Never has a 15th century Spanish poet been so right about an enthusiast expo.

But consider the games shown at recent E3s - last year gamers saw Resident Evil 5, the year before that Metal Gear Solid 4 and before that the Wii. The convention may no longer have the schmaltz factor, but the main event has always been and will always be the games. Gamers want good games. So, let's judge the history off prior E3s' offerings. Below, UGO has compiled the games and hardware that defined their respective E3s. So, which year was the best?

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