Pictures of Homebrew Apps and 500GB Harddrive on Xbox 360

Pictures have been released showing Xbox1 homebrew application running on the Xbox 360 that also has a huge 500GB harddrive. Hombrew on Xbox 360 and HD swap soon possible for everyone?

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Daewoodrow5811d ago

either reasonably good news or a monumentally simple photoshop job.
So in other words, the pictures are worth nothing.

MONTY 1875811d ago

500gb would be nice! what are the apps in the background?

Krimson5811d ago

The apps in the background are avalaunch (a hacked dashboard for the xbox) and Surreal64 (a Nintendo64 emulator).

And to the person below, these have nothing to do with MS. MS is not releasing updates to the dashboard or releasing a 500gb HDD. If real, these came from the hacking scene.

Swe_Goliath5811d ago

If we are lucky the backround is the fisrt look on Xbox360 uppdate 2.

And 500 Gig? ,,,
What have MS in there sleves,,,,? Something big maby ,,, i hope so :D ...

rocky50001005811d ago

I just want a bigger or extra harddrive so when i exchange my 360 in a year i can keep all my movies and demos

Nodoze5811d ago

I do not think this is running on a 360! There are interfaces that emulate the 360 for Xbox1 which may be what these pics represent! Running Avalaunch as a replacement dash would indicate that the core MS security has been defeated......and I don't believe that is the case!

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The story is too old to be commented.