Eurogamer reviews Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars

Eurogamer has posted their review of Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars scoring the game 8/10.

"While it's never going to leave a footprint on the history of RTS like its early ancestors did, I'm really hesitant to call C&C3's simplicity and dumbness a bad thing. It's simple and dumb because it wants to be, and has clearly worked very hard to be pretty watertight about it. While there's a certain obnoxiousness in its total refusal to innovate, in a lot of ways it's exactly the right real-time strategy game at exactly the right time. After years in the wilderness, RTS is pretty cool again right now, and something as cheerfully straightforward as this is just what's needed to stop the big braininess of Company of Heroes and Supreme Commander leading to another plunge into an inaccessibility that turns more casual players off the whole genre. On its own, it wouldn't work, but as an alternative, even a companion piece, to those it's a gentle success. This is the ying to their yang, the Question of Sport to their Have I Got News For You - it's pure trash, and it suits Command & Conquer through-and-through. Really, it has no right to try and be anything else, and it's because it knows this that it works so well."

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