Battlestations Pacific Allows Players to Kamikaze, Is This Crossing the Line?

The latest trailer for Battlestations Pacific showcases the in-game ability to kamikaze other ships. The player can even see the soldiers on the ship before the plane crashes. Is this taking things a little too far?

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The Meerkat4087d ago

Its history. It really happened. We can't rewrite it or sugar coat it just because people don't like it! (I'm looking at you Mr Lego Indiana Jones)

Battlestations Pacific will be one of the best games this year.

ASSASSYN 36o4087d ago

I agree with you on the history. But it will not be the best game. Carry on!

The Meerkat4087d ago

Give the demo a try on Thursday.

You might be surprised.

Alcon4087d ago

sometimes when I'm a playing a shooter and am near dying I pop up a grenade and am ready to sacrifice myself for the team if it helps achievieving our goal. So is my 'suicide attack' crossing the line?

Thats a stupid question. Those kamikaze are factual/historical so where is the problem? Besides its just a game!

ASSASSYN 36o4087d ago (Edited 4087d ago )

I will try it thursday and you should too. But unless you have played the complete version which the demo is not don't make bold claims of it's success. And I last played battlestations midway demo just last night. A good game but never was the best game of the year. Underrated it was though. It's a fun game but I never felt compelled to buy it. I may pick up pacific. But there is a lot of money I am spending this month and only one game on my radar and thats is FUEL.

And alcon I have no idea what FPS game you are playing. But my vast FPS experience I never seen a suicide + kill as beneficial to the team. 1 kill + 1 suicide in a FPS= 0 points. And with 2 kills + 1 suicide= 1 kill. Not very creative that tactic is. But if it is the best you can do. I would rather you fight harder and shoot straight than make kamikaze runs.

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RainOfTerror4087d ago

Just a lame attempt at getting some traffic to their site by trying to make it a moral issue.


dominicm4087d ago

When Pearl Harbor occurred it was an act of terror just as 9-11 was, as the US was not involved in WWII before hand. In that sense I think it's a serious issue.