GameFocus: Ninja Blade Review

GameFocus writes: "Taking place in Tokyo in the year 2015, Ninja Blade puts you in the shoes of Ken Ogawa, a modern day ninja working for the secret G.U.I.D.E organization called to fight and destroy a deadly virus called Alpha that has taken over Tokyo. Since 2011, G.U.I.D.E has been fighting the virus by traveling the world to stop every outbreak in secrecy from the public eye. But when it takes Tokyo under siege, the infection degree has grown so strong that the government now wants to destroy all infected cities to stop the viral spread for good by launching a nuclear attack. That's where you begin your quest for salvation."


+ Great action sequences
+ The game graphic engine is solid most of the time
+ Easy, precise and responsive controls
+ Good soundtrack and voiceover work
+ Doesn't require great skill to play, more easy than Ninja Gaiden
+ Character customization tool


- Extremely heavy on quick time events
- Lack of mid-mission savepoint
- Difficult camera control
- Linear levels, few destructible environments
- Visuals suffer from weird inconsistencies
- Once you're done, there's no incentive to go back in
- Why offer unlockable costumes if I can color customize the one I have at the beginning?

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