The Most Anticipated 2009 PSP Exclusive is…

PlayStation LifeStyle writes, "We have defeated the hoards of Chimera in Resistance: Retribution. Now that we have experienced the European Chimera aftermath, what is the next exclusive PSP game you are most looking forward to?"

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DoucheVader4092d ago

This might be a bit of a stretch. As it's disappeared from the radar, but was spoken about in 2007. :P

locos854092d ago

I voted for MGS:PO2 but I really can't wait for is Parasite Eve: 3rd Birthday

stevenhiggster4092d ago

None of those for me, I want Motorstorm Arctic Edge!

manwich254092d ago

list needed Kingdom Hearts, but I voted for LBP

STK0264092d ago

MGS PO2? was that even officially announced?

I read in the open zone that it was talked about in 2007, but was it a rumour or a real announcement?

PS360WII4092d ago

Yeah I'm not to sure of any official announcement of it... so if that's the case then Ushiro gets my vote for most anticipated ;) not sure if it'll get released this year or even outside of Japan but I want it lol

TheMART4092d ago

Why didn't they included Motor Storm?

Its that or LittleBigPlanet for me.

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The story is too old to be commented.