Top Ten PSOne Classics that Need to be Brought Stateside - Now

Binge Gamer writes: "Japan has all the luck. While PS3 owners in the States sit here with a bland selection of PSOne classics, the Japanese have just about every game under the sun."

Listing a handful of the better PSOne Classics available on the Japanese PSN, Binge Gamer's Perry Piekarski suggests that Sony does everything in its power to bring them to North American gamers.

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Lucreto3462d ago

I would love if Suikoden 2, Grandia, Legend of Dragoon, MGS and Croc. My PS3 can't run FFVIII as all and my disk is damaged and it freeze on the start movie. It is too expensive to try and buy again.

There is a lot more and I

Pennywise3462d ago

Have you tried to repair the disc? Places like Gamestop charge 5 bucks for them to run a scratched disc through the rebuff machine. It worked for my friend with Gears2 when it got scratched.

Blackcanary3462d ago

I would love Sony to do a Remake of Alundra that game was classic.

sinncross3462d ago

You know if MGS comes, id like the expansion as well to make an appearance.

Myst3462d ago

This. That is whenever they get it on the store.