DS2 announces uninterrupted online gaming and HDTV support anywhere in the home for Xbox 360 and PS3

DS2, the world's leading Powerline Chipset provider, has announced that its UPA compliant 200Mbps chip is fully compatible with Microsoft's new Xbox 360 and Sony's recently-launched-in-Europe PS3. It becomes the only chip to guarantee uninterrupted high performance online gaming anywhere throughout the home, and will enable online gamers worldwide to interact in real-time, with guaranteed uninterrupted play via standard wall sockets.

DS2's 'UPA Plugtested' 200Mbps chipset guarantees 'zero latency', ensuring that all online gamers can participate in high definition virtual-reality role-playing games without any instances of time delay or dropped lines inherent in Wi-Fi. DS2's Powerline Networking chipset is available now through worldwide providers of technologically advanced network products, such as Allnet, Corinex Communications, Comtrend Corporation, Conceptronic, D-Link, Defidev, Ilevo, Logitec, Netgear, Pirelli Broadband Solutions, Toyo Network Systems and Xavi. It delivers simple, reliable broadband connectivity that offers the necessary bandwidth to connect the digital home by turning any electrical outlet into a high-speed broadband connection.

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OldSchoolGamer4764d ago

makes sense, and if I can use an outlet to replace paying for DSL or Cable they have a one day convert, I have to look into this. Good story catch!

dantesparda4762d ago

This technology sounds very promising and has been in the making for a long time now. I'd like to see how it performs

PSN Starfleets4762d ago

How much does it cost?

It's probably going to be some silly money though.