The Prototype of an inFamous I.P Battle.

With the Release of Prototype and inFamous on the horizon are both worth picking up and why has the gaming community created a battle between the two titles? can they co-exist? Which will sell better? ColinRHCP of explains his thoughts.

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MasFlowKiller3465d ago

For Now am Looking Forward to inFamous a little more, but ill wait until the demo so see which of the two ill guy.

TIKUP3465d ago (Edited 3465d ago )

also same here cannot wait for infamous its gona be the fan factor that GTA IV should of had but didnt lol :D

CaseyRyback_CPO3465d ago

The people without choice, have no choice to make about which title to purchase.

The people without the choice are taking issue with the people with the choice for not choosing the only route they have.

At this point I'd say the people with the choice are looking at a few factors:

1. Developer pedigree SuckerPunch vs Radical Games whos claim to fame is Hulk Unleashed.

2. Quality

3. Gameplay

How on earth would anyone that has looked at either come to a conclusion that the games are similar, or even comparable? Outside of the camera view, and being super human, the two titles have nothing to do with one another.

I remember the original argument that the choiceless made was saying "meh i've played force unleashed already!" But then as soon as prototype got a bit more well known, that became the justification of the excuse to not be interested in a yet another ps3 title.

Who do you realistically see making a fuss of this? People with the choice of getting either, or people that can't?

bushfan3465d ago

who cares about which one it's better..Just go get a PS3 and play both!!

INehalemEXI3465d ago

I decided awhile ago and did pre order infamous. Prototype will be a rent and/or buy @ bargain price deal for me.

stevenhiggster3465d ago (Edited 3465d ago )

I wasn't interested in either at first but I have warmed to Infamous, and since finding out about the Uncharted beta I have pre ordered it! That was a master stroke on Sony and Sucker Punch's part.

Oh and, bubbles to you Mr Ryback.

sack_boi3465d ago

I'm getting both, I'll let you guys know later which one I preferred.

pixelsword3465d ago

I can't see you losing with either one, but I would wait until a demo before committing to either one. To me, I would prefer to get inFAMOUS *first* because they will concentrate on the hardware, and I would love to see what it will do. Prototype seems to be more of an interesting storyline to me because that cat's been through some jacked-up crap to get where he is.

I think that's where the divide is: Infamous is *(to me) the better looking one by far, but Protoype seems to have a more interesting story. Prototype may look better than we've seen, and inFAMOUS may have a killer storyline, but time will tell on both.

But if you noticed, it seems that both games are showing it's strongest parts, while leaving us guessing if the other half is as strong. I think both will deliver... but I still think inFAMOUS will be the better experience.

JokesOnYou3465d ago

Oh come on that's what gamers have been doing since Pong....and there's nothing wrong with it. Now if your only motive is to hate one or the other because of loyalty to a brand then that's different. Personally I think I'll like the Prototype gameplay more but I can understand if some prefer infamous....its not there's a rule against having a *sensible debate over what impression we get from both games and why we like them.


cranium3465d ago (Edited 3465d ago )

Prototype will be more fun to randomly d!ck around in while inFamous will be a slightly better game overall.

@ 1.11: I automatically saw that the title had the words "inFamous" and "prototype" and I clicked the link. I just read the whole title and I agree XD

The Lazy One3465d ago

they tried way too hard with this headline...

cLiCK_sLiCK93465d ago

Uncharted 2 beta.
Nuff said.

cmrbe3464d ago

I couldn't say it better my self. Bubbles up.

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Lfmesquite3465d ago

I don't know how much a like the games or how much they differ. So they both have an open city. That's all I know.

For me, Infamous is day 1. Because it's exclusive and I'm a fanboy. I probably won't ever play prototype.

The General3465d ago

Best comment ever. Bubbles.

But yeah, definitely getting Infamous. I spoke with about 15 of my friends in school and they're getting it too. We're all going to pre-order it by next week. I love my PS3 more but i like my 360 too but Infamous FTW!!!

oh yeah and Prototype FTR!!! (for the rent! lol)

And how many game of the year contenders does the ps3 have now???

Killzone 2, Infamous, Uncharted 2, GOW... and etc. and etc??? damn...

It's good to be a gamer :-)

RememberThe3573465d ago

But I see your point. Sony is publishing some really good games this year.

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DragonWarrior_43465d ago

I just want the one that isn't limited to dvd9.

GiantEnemyCrab3465d ago

Oh yeah? What's been limited on Prototype?

CaseyRyback_CPO3465d ago (Edited 3465d ago )

Have you seen screens of prototype? Now compare to Infamous. Hell just compare the character models. Dvd9 limits games, not in length because zelda is longer than any dvd game.. but as far as quality? you bet. How can you pretend that having more space for bigger models/textures/animations is either a bad thing, or some sort of impossible reality? Its literally math at this point. higher resolution elements. Be it polygons or pixels, dvd9 simply cant compete with more data.

The argument that more space = longer is stupid. But the argument that more space = better quality assets that don't have to be compressed beyond compression to fit on a disc is as solid as dolomite.

You own a ps3 right? You'll be able to see the difference im sure. Look at any PS3 exclusively designed title vs a multiplatform equatable title. MLB09 vs 2k.. you really want to keep living in the land of DvD9 is the perfect media for gaming when those facts co-exist in that world? I find people are trying very hard to not acknowledge that. Its 2009, clinging on to the launch ideas of the 360/ps3 isn't holding any weight. Lets look at Uncharted2... there isn't a single title that could compete with the first one from a technical point of view, and they just improved on it.

BTW, i got your pm the other day. ;)

GiantEnemyCrab3465d ago (Edited 3465d ago )

Yes, I have compared screens on both and to be honest I'm not seeing a gap in graphics or fidelity between the 2. I've downloaded all the Infamous videos in 1080p and it's not that visually impressive of a game. Nothing about it screams Blu-ray advantage. I'm not sure how long the story is for it so I can't speak on that.

You seem to be mistaking my question for some defense of DVD9 and hate for Blu-ray. I'm not sure how you got the idea that I don't think Blu-ray having more space isn't an advantage from asking this question which still hasn't been answered.

This guy comes out and says DVD9 limited Prototype and I want to know what's limited.

It sounds to me like people are automatically assuming that because Infamous is on Blu-ray it makes it a better game.

I trust Sucker Punch will make a good game and while Hulk UD wasn't a visual masterpiece it was a really fun game.

To assume a game is automatically limited because it's on DVD9 is fanboy crap. It is up to dev's to take advantage of that Blu-ray space and sometimes money, time and resources do not allow for that. Do I think extra space is a good thing and can produce better games? Hell yeah. But it doesn't guarantee it, just as being on DVD9 doesn't guarantee a game was limited.

RememberThe3573465d ago (Edited 3465d ago )

I am, for the record, getting both. So I don't really care. But Prototype looks like crap, and Infamous looks great. It's not like PS2 to PS3 graphical difference, but you can definitely tell the difference.

The General3465d ago

He's a verified Sony and PS3 hater. Anything pro PS3, he hates on and tries his best to seem unbiased but he is. He loves his XBox and is a huge xbox fanboy but he tries to suck up to the ps3 at times while still bashing its strengths like blu-ray, just to get bubbles. Crab, thats real weak.

Anyway, I do believe it's better to have 50gb as opposed to 15gb. In this case, bigger is better, as the screens do prove. I also compared them on a similar monitor and I really do think you need to check your goggles because infamous is not only more stunning and captivating, it has a lot more go on screen. The visual performance, the detail it clearly destroys prototype. But then again, that was on my monitor and Ps3 owners will see the difference when they buy infamous and rent prototype.

Anyway, stop pretending Giant crab and let's be gamers. I love and have a preference for the PS3 and don't have to pretend to like it. Why? Because games like uncharted and killzone 2 keep me satisfied.

McMee3465d ago (Edited 3465d ago )

@ crab, hey man I understand that you have to defend the 360 quite a lot here on n4g and Segal is jumping the gun a bit, but as a multi-console owner I can honestly say inFamous looks way better and is a day 1 buy for me while Prototype might get a rent from me. Oh and Sucker Punch > Radical games. Plus that beta, omg waiting till June 3rd. UC2:AT is my most anticipated 09 release across platforms.

CaseyRyback_CPO3465d ago

You reply to someone that infers the game has been limited by DvD9. You responded and asked how. Screenshots,videos,models,soun d, are all valid factors to show where the title is limited versus the BD Infamous title. So when faced with that, you refute a blanket statement that no one has made. The fanboy "Dvd9 games is ar crap!" When it wasn't even mentioned here. Anyone that believes that is a moron, as well as the person that says it. That blanket statement would mean that no dvd9 game is of great quality, which the fallouts and cod4's of the world would nix easily.

I wont say its a claim, because thats the wrong word. But more space is better than less space. More space for a specific requirement say, for textures, or audio, or polygons, is a good thing. And generally speaking you will find that a Developer with a better tool set, will create better products. Which is what we have in the case of these two. No one is questioning the games level of "fun" or gameplay. They both look entertaining.

Is Prototype's sandbox world limited to things that Infamous isn't? Clearly, because of a hardware difference. The opposite of this is you pretending that you honestly cant tell that the differences in textures/models/animation/part icles/amount going on etc. Which is a delusion. If there is a SINGLE difference between the two, that is proving that more space = higher quality assets. Just because now all of a sudden it has to "SCREAM OUT" to you, doesn't make it any less valid. For me, looking at the lead characters models/straps all screams out pretty well.

If you take kojima pro and ask them to make a bluray game, they will max it out. If you ask them to make a dvd game, they will max it out. When asked to make a game for both, They can only max it out for one system, and usually its not maxing out the ps3 to a killzone2 level.

DragonWarrior_43465d ago

Listen , Im really sorry about the comment above. It really wasn't a flamebait comment. I was just trying to imply that I want the game that is bigger and not limited because of hardware. Who knows? I might actually like prototype more than inFamous because its really gory, but I can almost guarantee that inFamous is gonna be a bigger and better looking game simply because its on bluray. I want bigger and better cause I just bought a 106 inch screen and $2000 1080p projector and I want the best of the best. I will rent prototype, and I will buy it if its good, but inFamous is a day one purchase because Sucker Punch is tried and true and the uncharted demo is too cool to pass up.

3465d ago
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Raoh3465d ago

getting both. just glad they moved up the infamous date so i dont have to spend money on two games in one month.

PirateThom3465d ago

I'll probably get inFamous day one and pick Prototype up when there's a ganing lull at some point. Two open world games would kill me and inFamous has the special distinction of being a game by Sucker Punch.

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