The Xbox 360 Games of Spring 2007

You bought your Xbox 360 for 2007. Last year may have brought some fantastic games like Gears of War and The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, but this year will make 2006 look like chump change. The juggernaut that is Halo 3 is on the horizon. But we're not quite there yet. Lost Planet and Crackdown have already brought joy to hundreds of thousands of gamers. But that is in the past. This is the spring and unlike most years, it has a steady stream of games that scream to be played.

Read on to find 10 picks IGN thinks you should take a look at as well as a list of games you should keep your eye on over the spring months of April, May, and June.

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overrated4761d ago

nothing that warrants the purchase of the 360 at the moment, ill wait.

ArmrdChaos4761d ago

It would be nice if this site would give us the opportunity to filter out posted comments by bubble amount. That way I wouldn't have to waste time scrolling over the usual one bubble speed bumps in an otherwise decent conversation.

Why don't you keep your Sony rah rah crap in your own thread, since you obviously don't have anything meaningful to say based off of experience. You're fighting a loosing battle in here.

Fuzz McDeath4761d ago're funny. You own a PS3 right? Why'd you buy it? Every game on the PS3's Spring release list (save for Lair and Calling All Cars - an arcade title) have been out for the 360 for months? On the other board (about the PS3 spring titles) you say "MY PS3 is still looking like the better deal so far." Fact of the matter is, based on IGN's lists, you paid alot of extra scratch to play old 360 games. Hope you enjoy it :)

*PS3 releases - original, i.e. out for PS3 not for 360 (x2), old 360 games (x5), multiplatform (x4 or 5)

*360 releases - original out for 360 not for PS3 (x11), old PS3 games (x0), multiplatform (x4 or 5)

(BTW, I'm not counting Wii or PC here, I'm judging PS3 v. 360 releases)

Will the PS3 be worth it in the future? We'll see. Probably. Is it worth it now. NOPE. Undoubtably.

gooner4761d ago

wat a retard from what ive seen he said ill dats dat make him a fanboy.from what i saw if u added up sales figures for us+japan+canada ms is getting its a$$ handed to it.ur obviously a noob the site has an ignore button to filter out peoples comments.and mostly noobs care about their bubbles here

JOLLY14761d ago

He has 2 accounts with just one bubble! Awwww, falcon will be the man that will fight for overated's honor. How karate kid!! Once again, I am stoked for some of these releases. How excited a sim that has morethan one car on the track at a time, that's amazing.

ASSASSYN 36o4761d ago

Yet again another I`ll wait, I`ll wait. You wait for this for that yet nothing you do or get. Well keep waiting we will keep playing.

ArmrdChaos4761d ago (Edited 4761d ago )

And your math particularly sucks too...must be using Sony logic.
Put as many countries or pluses together as you want, but in the end Sony is still a long ways away from 10 million and counting. So it sounds more like Sony has been getting it's a$$ handed to them for the sake of Blue-Ray.

In the future, I would suggest some practice at talking like an adult if you wish to have any chance of being taken seriously...otherwise you are just another one bubble wannabe and nothing more than background noise.

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zornik4761d ago

Where is The Darkness in the list??????For the rest a very good line up.

bizzy124761d ago

darkness is at the bottom of page 4 it is listed at june 1

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The story is too old to be commented.