Monster Reduces Price on 'Monster Basic' for HDMI'' Cables, Offering Consumers New Lower-Priced Option

Monster, the world's leading manufacturer of high-end cables, accessories, and power conditioning products, is proud to announce a price reduction on its Monster Basic' for HDMI' cables that offers consumers a new lower-priced cable option for maximizing the benefits of HDMI home entertainment. Effective immediately, the company's entry-level 1-meter length of Monster Basic for HDMI cable has been reduced in price to $29.00 suggested retail (down from MSRP: $39.00). In addition, Monster announced that it will also begin shipping a 2-meter length of Basic and 4-meter Basic for HDMI cable in May priced respectively $39.95 and $59.95. With this new pricing, Monster branded product will be made available to more consumers and in line with lower priced TVs and DVD players using HDMI.

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Mikerra173465d ago

considering they are as big of a company as they are, and have a huge base of people that buy these products, no they dont suck

Kakkoii3464d ago


Those buyers of monster cables are called the blind masses. They do not know that they are being ripped off. Since they are not people who take the time to research about a product first before buying.

Monster cables is a stupid company, who wants to sue anyone who uses "Monster" in their company name. They also sell their cables for horrendous prices, telling people that the price is justified. When in fact it's not. Many test's have shown this. I believe there was even a show about it on the BBC.

SteelyPhil3465d ago

still ridiculously over priced considering you can get 10 foot cables at amazon for like 2 dollars