Beat Your Child - At Video Games

In order to maintain order in your house your children must have respect for you. Children respond best to adults they can look up to, adults whose skills and opinions they can rely on, this state of affairs can be sorely threatened if night after night they are kicking your butt in Halo Wars.

To a certain extent, how far you have to go to achieve this all important victory will depend on the skill level and age of your child.

Also your gaming history, if you have not picked up a controller since you last beat your little brother in Space Invaders then buckle up, this is going to get nasty. If you are someone who is likely to have an attack of conscience, don't bother reading past hint two, there is no place for wimps from there on.

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michellejbuss4088d ago

No need to resort to these extreme measures just be better than they are. lol

Bioboy4088d ago

My kids can't touch me on original streetfighter.