Xi is Growing in PlayStation Home

Locust_Star on the Official PlayStation Blog writes:

"Xi - the world's first console-based ARG, exclusive to PlayStation Home - just got bigger.

The eagerly-awaited second Alpha Zone has opened up today, and there's plenty of fun stuff awaiting you. Can you escape the Fish Tanks of Good & Evil…?"

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Kurisu3514d ago (Edited 3514d ago )

Haven't been on Home for a while now. I went to Xi for the first couple days it was opened and done the mini games room and the bike / forest thing.

Sometimes I get fed up with waiting for new spaces to download. I also think that XI should have it's own tab on the World Map. It get's annoying having to go to Home Square > Xi Symbol > Hub > Choose which zone etc. Sometimes you spend longer staring at the loading screens than anything else! I like how Home is exppanding, though. It's MUCH better then when it was first launched.

Equinoxe_73514d ago

If your smart, you can customize your ingame pad.

Favorit location...

DanSolo3514d ago

Yeah just set it as favorite!

Kurisu3514d ago

I didn't think about doing that at all! Thanks for making me feel really dumb right now :D

But, thanks for reminding me that this can be done. When I next try out Home I'll remember to set the Hub to my favourite :)