National Consumers League scolds MPAA on DVD copying

It's not just the Internet's so-called freetards who are criticizing the movie industry for stating last week that consumers are not within their rights to make backup copies of legally purchased DVDs.

Count the National Consumers League, a 100-year-old consumer watchdog group, to be among those who argue the Motion Picture Association of America is much too inflexible when it comes to blocking DVD buyers from backing up their film discs.

The issue of whether consumers have the right to make copies is at the heart of a legal dispute between RealNetworks and the MPAA. Last fall, Real attempted to distribute RealDVD, a software that enables people to make digital copies of their movie discs and store them on hard drives. The MPAA filed a lawsuit accusing Real of violating copyright law and breach of contract. During a hearing on Friday, MPAA lawyers made it very clear what they think the rights of consumers are when it comes to copying.

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