RedOctane Blames MS for No Wireless Guitar in audio interview

In a recent audio interview with Ted Lang–Producer for Guitar Hero II, XBL Radio fills us in on what we can expect from the 360 version of GH2. While Microsoft's rendition of the rockin' title is rolled up with exclusives like Download Content and Leaderboards, the most obvious and expected feature has been left behind.

"The main thing is, Microsoft holds on tightly
to their patented wireless technology."
Ted Lang, Guitar Hero Producer, RedOctane

It seems like Microsoft, well-known for reaching out and listening to the gaming community, is holding out on what the gamers want this time around. Many GH fans would be happy to pay the premium price for a wireless guitar, yet they won't have one to buy at launch. Maybe Ted was worried it would turn out like the wireless headset? In that case… nice move!

If you missed the interview, Right Click and save this audio. Or you can catch it on XBL Radio Podcast version 37.0 (Feb 27, 2007) - the interview with Ted Lang begins on minute 58 of the full show.

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THWIP5848d ago

...we've known this for several months now. In fact, if you've followed the 360 peripherals news, you know that NOBODY has been allowed to make wireless peripherals for the 360 yet.

Steve5195848d ago

if the interview though you would find out that they are trying to work it out but right now MS just isn't letting it happen.

OC_MurphysLaw5848d ago

I love the 360 analog controller and honestly doubt I would ever buy a replacement BUT...their wireless wheel is just ok....and this game would be just that much better with a wireless guitar. are not helping yourself here by keeping the "choices" of peripherals limited to wired if you want 3rd party. Listen to your things up a tad PLEASE!

jib5848d ago

question: why is the wireless wheel just "ok" ?

im planning on getting it. i heard the same thing from other people but they all said it was because PGR came before it (software update came later to implement wheel use rather than building the game with the wheel at hand)

OC_MurphysLaw5848d ago (Edited 5848d ago )

Two things about the wheel. 1) you need to mount it if you use the FF system. Sitting it on your lap will just lead to frustration as the FF is pretty strong and will pull the wheel off your lap, etc. 2) PGR is ok for the wheel, but it could have been implemented better. Test Drive Unlimited has wheel support out of the box but it is HORRIBLE. They added a "Hardcore" mode that supposedly takes care of it...but they charge for it...and I am on principle not going to buy an add on for a wheel configuration that should have been part of the game to begin with. Extra cars, tracks sure...wheel configurations for in game. H#LL NO!

Anyway, the wheel is nice enough...Forza2 should make the wheel shine well as the game is being designed ground up w/ wheel in mind...but for now...not all that great.

calderra5848d ago

If MS wants to hold out on wireless so much, they should release their own. Considering the incredible quality of most MS periphrials for 360, I'm certain gamers would shell out for it.

Otherwise, this is one periphrial they cannot afford to drag on- people REALLY want the wireless guitar.

makingdamage5848d ago

But isn´t there some controllers made by third party companys that´s wireless? Thought I saw one in the shop...
Anyway, without the wireless guitar it´s really no reason to buy it. It´s 2007 now for gods sake! might as well play on the ps2...

Mikey_Gee5848d ago (Edited 5848d ago )

.. this game is just WAY TO GOOD to not get.

If you don't get it just because it is not wireless, well, your lose !!

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