Take-Two exec named CEO of Realtime Worlds

Gary Dale, former CEO and executive vice president of Take-Two Interactive, was just announced as the new CEO of Realtime Worlds, developers of Crackdown and the upcoming All Points Bulletin (which looks awesome).

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Vault Boy3514d ago

Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

Twizlex3514d ago

That's a good question. Take-Two has been bleeding money for a while, so who knows if this guy was contributing to that or not. All I know is that I have to agree with the statement that APB looks awesome.

Milk is for Babies3514d ago

APB is the first upcoming MMO that may possibly make all my friends stop playing WoW even though it's so different. It looks like so much fun!

h0tz0rz3514d ago

Hehe, that's actually how I stumbled on the news because I've been watching for APB announcements.

Cookigaki3514d ago

Cookigaki finds it funny that all comments are just about APB game instead of actual news.

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L80BelfDK3514d ago

Hopefully they make another Crackdown game.

Twizlex3514d ago

Somebody else is already making a sequel to Crackdown since Microsoft owns the IP.

jack who3514d ago

that news was proving fake

green3514d ago

because last thing i heard about Crackdown was that Ruffian was making a multiplayer only crackdown but Realtime worlds will be making a full fledged sequel to Crackdown.

Was there another story to debunk that rumor?

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