Uncharted 2 Co-Op and Multiplayer leaked and detailed

4news wrote a lot of information about the co-operative and multiplayer mode in Uncharted 2 Among Thieves Beta version.

-The beta version allows you to play at the same level shown so far, a citizen of Nepal, both by co-operating in multiplayer.
-Both modes can not be played in split-screen, but only by exploiting the connection online.
-The co-operative mode is playable with up to 3 players: Nathan Drake , Chloe Frazer and third more like a guide of the place
-The co-operative story is different from single-player story
-Mini-bosses are present in each section
-You can help another player before he dies
-Players will revive after a few seconds
-Multiplayer mode you can play up to 8 players, 4 on each side
-The missions available for the multiplayer mode are now 2:
--Rid the territory by killing enemies (like 'deatmatch')
--Retrieve a gold item (as a treasure) from the enemy territory and carry him safely in his (like 'capture flag')
-Using the headset is very useful especially to overcome an important point. The weapons available are up to 2 (one gun and another one among rifle, machine gun, grenade launcher) and some hand grenades.

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Pennywise3464d ago

Sounds good... Cant wait to try it out!

I am glad they separated single player from coop. This adds all kinds of replay value... although people will still complain like with R2.

jammy_703464d ago

nearly all of this is wrong..... or fake...

buts its got multiplayer, thats good :)
to me this will always be a single player game though, i hope the multi aint just slapped on, and the story cut short...

Cwalat3464d ago

If this is true, that no splitscreen is allowed.. then wow.. that alone made me dissapointed... oh well, this was never multiplayer game to begin with, so i'll stick to singleplayer.

But seriously, what's happened to the brains of developers... why are we dumping the one thing that makes multiplayer MULTIPLAYER, the splitscreen mode.

Majority of gamers just wanna kick back and relax with friends LOCALLY. Godamnit.

Baka-akaB3464d ago (Edited 3464d ago )

Well you could always settle for online play , in the same room ...
Not perfect but still a solution

I dont like split screens at all , never enjoyed it , i prefer lan

Pennywise3464d ago

I would rather no split screen. It would reduce the graphics, so it is understandable why they did this. Thank goodness for a healthy friends list.

Rainstorm813464d ago (Edited 3464d ago )

You want to play this beautiful game in a little shared screen just so someone can play with you?
Look Split screen is a dying trend the only reason we had split screen to begin with is because there was no online console gaming. Now that online is here to stay i'll play with my friends over the internet and get my Full HD glory. If you want a split screen game go play Winback on N64. Having no split screen wouldnt deter me from playing any part of this game. But thats just My thoughts

Edit: Majority of gamers that play games multiplayer plays Online with the invention of XBL & PSN

bloop3464d ago

I'd take split screen over online anyday. Gears 2 has split screen and there's practically no graphical drop. It's a lot easier then saying, "hey, why don't you call over with your PS3. Oh, and don't forget to bring your 42inch plasma with you" to one of your friends. I'd much rather be in the same room playing with someone rather than over the net.

And thank God it's going to be seperate from the single player campaign. I can't see why everyone is going mad for co-op this generation. RE5 was an absolute mess thanks to it.

SaiyanFury3464d ago

Ah crap, no split screen? Uncharted 2 would be the perfect game to have it. Oh well, at least they have coop, that's the most important to me.

GameGambits3464d ago

I for one hate split screen. How is it fun having a condensed version for both you and your friend to have to squint at for shooting? Yes I have a HDTV and yes it is 46 inches and yes it's still a gimped way to play a game for split screen.

When Gears of War 2 came out a while back I had my buddy bring over a smaller HDTV he had so we could play through the campaign together in my room without the micro size.

Personally I could care less bout local co-op due to the fact that developers have to take more time to develop it with rerendering everything on screen again. I'd guess it could add anywhere from 8 months to a year+ extra development because of local co-op.

I'd much rather take turns with a friend on SP, or even MP when he/she comes over. I guess that's just me though, but in no way will this be a deal breaker for anyone excited for this game.

Online Co-op, Online MP, and the tips and help from Insomniac + Guerrilla Games = PURE WIN.

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BX813464d ago

Have to say I'm impressed with the list, if it is in fact real.

Rhezin3464d ago

would of been 100x better if they had LOCAL co-op. :(

talltony3464d ago

Everything I wanted in Uncharted 1. This game will just be sick!

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