Square Enix "isn't strict enough," takes them "too long" on games

President and CEO Yoichi Wada of Square Enix has admitted his company "takes too long" developing titles, he criticizes their own management control.

Better cost performance and good quality games aren't mutually exclusive, they "can co-exist" with CEO Wada focusing to "change the mindset" of their developers to this.

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Kain813463d ago

SquareHeads has failed this gen
Sh!t happens SE, if you F-ck up your fanbase.

So WADA---->

Blackcanary3463d ago

i just don't want SE to fcuk up Tomb Raider.

ShinnokDrako3463d ago

Stupid Wada.... i think Wada + Square "can't co-exist", since he's the CEO i've seen so many craps...
So this idiot that wants SE to wake up prefer 999999 bugged games than 10+ well done? Oh, i see the results. Hope the same won't happen with FF.

Lucreto3463d ago

I would rather them to take there time and make an epic game like the last few Final Fantasy games. The last Dragon Quest was also pretty epic.

SE was my fayourite developers for the last two gens but they have lost a loyal fan for their recent actions.

DrWan3463d ago

well they haven't released anything on the PS3 for almost 3 yrs now. So that's very strange. Its like they are not even working on it anymore, although the FF13 demo suggests otherwise.