inFamous heading to UK on May 29th

inFamous, one of Sony's major 2009 PS3-exclusive releases, will arrive at UK retail on May 29th, MCV can confirm.

Developed by Sucker Punch, inFamous takes a similar approach to the free-roaming sandbox Grand Theft Auto mechanic as was seen in Realtime Worlds' Crackdown – granting the player super-human abilities with which to fight to foes and traverse the game world.

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Mindboggle3463d ago

This game hasnt had enough exposure or advertising so I cant see it doing that well...

But I really hope it does...

onijutsu3463d ago

i mean you look at every website that has previewed this game, and they have had nothing but praise for it.

although since when have previews downplayed a game?

Mindboggle3463d ago

Im not saying its going to be a crap game....It looks amazing, I just dont think many people will know about it apart from the usual gaming crowd who regulary view gaming sites...

Brixxer6003463d ago

I'll be picking this up on day one .

Coheno3463d ago

I'm behind you, picking it up day one aswell, and looking really really forward to it!

raztad3463d ago

PRE-ORDERED. Waiting 05/26 to get my Reaper costumes for Home :D. This is the first time I pre-order a game, but I just feel this game is gonna be amazing.

Coheno3461d ago

First time i'm gonna be pre-ordering aswell over!

jaferris3463d ago

i will be getting it day one as well looks really good :)

Kurisu3463d ago (Edited 3463d ago )

The game looks amazing, but I don't think it will do very well. Onjitsu, that's the problem - every WEBSITE. It needs air time, adverts, posters - OUTSIDE of Playstation Home.

Anyway, I'll also be getting this game day one. I wonder if any of the retailers over here in the UK will have the Uncharted 2 multiplayer demo promotion that's running over in the US.

lh_swe3463d ago

And despite this game not receiving much hype, any hardcore gamer must recognise this as a must have and thus i think it will initially sell like Uncharted yet pick up speed once the reviews(if good) start circulating.

Mindboggle3463d ago

I think it could be an Uncharted. The initial sales were OK but werent nothing special. Then the game started getting some real good reviews...Then it got word of mouth...And then bundled, so the game sold really well.

PotNoodle3463d ago

MindBoggle, now before i say this - i'm not putting the game down at all and i think it deserved the sales it got, infact it deserved better.

But at the time of uncharted - there wasn't much out on the PS3 so it had a much better chance at getting noticed.

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The story is too old to be commented.