GTA: Chinatown Wars struggled "because of what people are looking to buy," says Dead Space dev

VG247: Dead Space: Extraction exec producer Steve Papoutsis has pinned MadWorld and GTA: Chinatown Wars' lacklustre reception on Wii and DS down to general unsuitability.

"I think that's happening because of what people are looking to buy, I guess," he told VG247 when asked if he was disconcerted by Sega's struggle in Wii's core space and GTA: Chinatown Wars' lack of traction on DS, talking at EA's spring showcase in London last week.

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GrieverSoul3459d ago

NIntendo established themselves in their own consoles.
I hardly know anyone with a DS that buys a game beyond Mario named or those that are not Nintendo properties.

GTA Chinatown didnt appeal to much because its name targets a more ´´hardcore`` type of gamer.

Seferoth753459d ago

China Town wars is tracking better than LCS did. Guess the same things apply to Sony and the PSP then right? It's just a casual console ruled by Sony. Must be true since one of their versions of GTA did just as poorly? Nah more likely the game is selling just fine, It's just internet fanboys that want to make a big deal out of nothing. AS far as Madworld goes, I'd love to see all those black and white 5 hour games that are selling millions to compare Madworld to.

peeps3459d ago

"China Town wars is tracking better than LCS did"

really? i thought lcs sold a few million? ah well. you must be a ds owner to defend your console so much rather than accepting the chinatown wars won't be a massive seller, no matter how good the game is

IdleLeeSiuLung3459d ago

This guy is of course going to say he is not worried about the poor 3rd party hardcore games selling poorly on Nintendo platform.

Has there even been one successful 3rd party hardcore title? The only one I can think of is, CoD on the Wii sold pretty well. Beyond that, I haven't seen anything....

Seferoth753459d ago

@Peeps, That is just stupid. Of course a game that came out 5 weeks ago isnt going to have the same sells as a game that came out years ago. If that is the onl argument you have i feel sorry for you because you really have nothing. I'll just assume you are an upset PSp fanboy who cant handle a nonPSP GT getting such high ratings and tracking higher than the sells of GTA on your console. Cant think of any other reason for you to argue so hard for a good selling game to be a bad one.

@Idle, you probably havent seen one because you close your eyes to them. Guitar Hero ,De Blob, Boom Blox, Shaun White, COD, and on and on and on.. Hell kid there are 75 million sellers in the US alone for Wii. Nintendo doesnt publish near that many.

IdleLeeSiuLung3459d ago (Edited 3459d ago )

Perhaps you failed to read my posting and see that I said "HARDCORE" games.

Most of the games you listed (other than CoD) is all considered casual games. The only one even bordering hardcore is Guitar Hero but even that might be a stretch.

You also fail to see that I'm asking a question as well instead of blindly spouting nonsense like you.

Mahr3459d ago

"Has there even been one successful 3rd party hardcore title"

Well, the answer to that of course depends on how one chooses to define the word 'hardcore'. Are you referring to whether a game is difficult or M-rated?

If so, Resident Evil 4 or the House of the Dead 2/3 were both pretty successful. If one wishes to discount ports for whatever reason, No More Heroes is the closest thing there will ever be to a Kill Bill game and Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles is essentially a head exploding simulator. Both games currently have sequels in development.

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LightofDarkness3459d ago (Edited 3459d ago )

A real pity. Chinatown Wars is a savage game. It just goes to show you, the majority of these Nintendo "gamers" are simply buying into the fads, never updating their software library until the new Brain Training or other such self-help/brain-teaser games come out, or some gimmicky waggle-fest to keep Johnny-7-Year-Old busy and entertain your drunken friends at a party.

This harkens back to earlier comments I've made. The reason the Wii sales are shrinking is because it's aimed at the casuals. You aim for them, you play buy casual market rules. In times of economic recession, the first things to go in a normal household are frivolities like a new car, hi-def TV and especially video-games. Companies like Sony and Microsoft don't have to worry so much about this, their following is of the more hardcore variety who are willing to pay for big titles and will almost always find a way to afford their most savoured of past-times.

Johnny Rotten3459d ago (Edited 3459d ago )

I'll admit that the only games I really buy for my DS are along the Brain Age type puzzle stlye games, heck after a year and half of playing Soduko my Wife finally decided to switch it up a bit, she went out and bought

It is what it is, I bought a DS for puzzle games and in that catagory it doesn't disappoint. If you add in the bonus of it having some of the best game sharing multiplayer options on a portable, your looking at some good casual fun!

The DS is a great little system that should be taken seriously but if your looking for serious games than look to the PSP. Just my 2 cents.

onijutsu3459d ago

how funny would it be if dead space extraction was a complete flop...

not bashing the wii or the game or anything. i just think it would be ironic that is all.

1233603459d ago

i don,t know of any wi owner who even knows about dead space let alone plans on buying ea new fitness game yes,even tiger woods,even fifa might struggle on wi this year due to the players appearance on the last outing,bobble heads is the way most wi owners described the game.i hope they do lose third party support with flop after flop.i would sooner see these resources put into the ps3 and 360 versions of the next outing of dead space and any other game for that matter.

mastiffchild3459d ago (Edited 3459d ago )

It's not an excuse that there are mainly casual gamers with Wii and DS when the sheer numbers of consoles shifted dictates that there must be a decent market for nearly any game type. I.e the gamers are still around that own a Wii(might not get as much love as their PS360 but a good game is a good game, no?)even if it's often a second console.

WaW sold miserably in it's first few weks but I checked the other day after seeng it still full price in Game and it's sold over 1.6 million now. The thing about that is it's like GTA CTW on DS in that it's got a big name heritage to fall back on plus China Town Wars is an absolute gem of a game and if DS/DSI gamers don't even get this as a sleeper hit then, sadly, the only decent games you'll get are jrpgs and Nintendo titles I fear.

Madworld and HoTD:Overkill I picked up the other day(just had too many games til then for lots of reasons)and if people don't think they're worth it at ,like £17 each then on Wii trhere's very little hope for a core game with no big name legacy at all. Nintendo, though, are largely to blame for all of this and if they don't support third parties willing to push the envelope on their consoles then the market they think they found could just disappear overnight.

Nintendo Channel/Shopping channel should and could have demos just like Live and PSN which would help sell both first and esp third party games and the innovators like Madworld and some Wii ware titles would really benefit from it.

Ironic that the people behind Dead Space are saying this. The actual PS360 game(which I feel is an incredible game actually)didn't set the sales world alight even if EA were happy enough with it's eventual figures for a new IP. They have no name on the Wii though and Overkill despite what the sales will tell you is about a million times better than UC was and HotD has a bigger profile than Dead Space does on Wii already!

I'm really depressed about the sales of good games on the Nintendo systems of late and really angry that Fatal Frame 4 which was critically acclaimed and a decent seller in Japan won't come to the US or EU and Ninty themselves as publisher made that decision! Shows what they think about core games right there, imo, esp ones they didn't make themselves. All this means I worry if Muramasa will ever arrve over here as what looked like a better year to own a Wii slowly falls apart-even though I've enjoyed what I've played of Overkill and Madworld(and devoured CTW)with sales like these if The Conduit dies a death it's goodbye to anything beyond NMH budget games for gamers and not many directors are Suda51, not many can manage to get a game to survive with no budget for anything.

Add in that Capcom can only be bothered with MH3(where they want to fleece the Japanese market to play over Wii Connect!)and the "new" Resi titles(the two wii makes and the risable reliving of UC again) stink of rip off, lazyness and "that will do them". All that while wii got no SF game, no real new Resi and PS360 got two SF, RE5 with DR2(CTYD on Wii is the biggest pile of...)and LP2 on the way.

If the new Wii zelda and a slew of amazing motion plus games are announced at E3 then maybe Ninty aren't losing it totally but their lack of support for games they don't make is killing off core Wii games slowly but surely.

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