Times: EBay touts miss out on PS3 profits

As if on cue, the vicious news cycle repeats itself. Just days after the PlayStation 3 made its simultaneously generous, in the UK, and beleaguered, in France, European debut, would-be savvy eBayers are finding it just as difficult to unload their wares as their North American counterparts did several months ago. According to TimesOnline, "eBay's pricelist suggests that this time round the touts have misjudged demand." After looking up the definition for "touts" we realized this all seemed familiar ... almost like déjà vu.

The week after the PS3's North America debut we even geeked out with some eBay stats and arrived at the scandalous conclusion that "next-gen auction prices fall as supplies increase."

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brianodom4809d ago

only a dope would think about putting a ps3 on ebay for sale, i know that and i am a Sony supporter...

fenderputty4809d ago

you consider there was no shortage of launch systems and plenty of pre-orders. Making money on Ebay means, short supply with high demand.

Silver3604809d ago

without knowing the market you are selling to what a bunch of morons