OXCGN's Tribute - A Decade Of Dead Game Studios Remembered


"Game studios have it hard at the moment. With the global recession starting to hit the industry, if your studio isn't working on a proven franchise there's no guarantee your game will ever see the light of day. Hell, there's no guarantee your studio will survive the development cycle and may just sink into bankruptcy oblivion.

Here's a look at some of the most loved studios that went bust this decade after the jump."

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Beth3o3514d ago

so many closures, so sad, great artcle tho

FarEastOrient3514d ago

One of my favorite studios is Working Designs...

gaminoz3514d ago

I soooo hope Thief is being made for consoles like is rumoured. Thief for Xbox is still one of my top games of all time, along with Goldeneye and Resident Evil 4.

I liked Brute Force too, actually. Some of those studios had some pretty quality titles.

Immortal Kaim3514d ago

The Ensemble closure is one of the worst decisions made by Microsoft. After the awesome RTS that was Halo Wars, it's clear these guys are talented. Though I guess most of them moved onto that new studio?

Superfragilistic3514d ago

Microsoft saves money on funding all the expensive infrastructure of an internal developer only producing 1 game per 5 years, Ensemble gets the creative freedom to explore new genres by splitting into three new studios, and Microsoft retains publishing rights with all of them.

That's a pretty damn smart deal to me! lol

They just turned one studio into three and outsourced all the costs while retaining the publishing rights (ie. exclusivity). Just like they did with Bungie.

green3514d ago

I felt the same way when it 1st was announced but the thing is that few gamers actually know about Bonfire and Robot Studios rising from the ashes of Ensemble studios that Microsoft also helped fund.

"Though Robot did not provide any details on its original IP under development, the studio says it is working with Microsoft Game Studios to create additional Halo Wars content and "support online gaming and community for both Age of Empires and Halo Wars."

As for Bonfire studios, they are also working on a new IP but they have no publishing relationship with Microsoft but are open to it.
"We haven’t announced a publishing partner yet for our new game, but we’d certainly be open to working with Microsoft in the future. Despite the fact that they closed Ensemble, we enjoyed working with Microsoft over the years and we made some great games together." http://thkgamereview.blogsp...

So at the end i think it is a better deal for gamers.

Immortal Kaim3514d ago

Thanks for the info guys, I guess it isn't all bad, it was only a name right? All the creative people have populated those three other studios so I suppose that is better than one :)


DoctorQ3514d ago

could you imagine a future where all game companies have shut......
whoa, sorry,
cool stuff yv written

XboxOZ3603514d ago

I hatethefact that so many studioe shave closed, with many more likely to in the near future.

I think those that have been "acquired" by larger well known studios or publishing companies will do well, thank god. And the thought of those majors squashing the smaller sites creativity is ill-informed.

EA are doing a much better job now that they did do before, especially now that the ex CEO of Bioware (John Riccitiello,) is running the show.

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The story is too old to be commented.