Microsoft Doing another Free Gold Weekend from May 1st - 4th

Microsoft have announced they will be running another free Gold weekend on Xbox Live during next weekend - May 1st - 4th. This promotion allows all Silver members in Europe to have access to gold services - download demos early and playing games online.

Microsoft is also doing other random pap over the weekend, such as tournaments, music and other stuff no one cares abou,t but marketing people though was great.

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peeps4086d ago

might pop on again this weekend. been in a halo mood recently but my live ran out not long ago and i really can't be bothered re-subscribing till something decent online comes out

IdleLeeSiuLung4086d ago

Sweet, time to hit up some friends that don't have Live Gold....

-x.Red.x-4086d ago

might be true since some of my xbot friends are playing kz2 with me...

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jack who4086d ago

sweet more Silver noobs to pwne

ShabzS4086d ago

*clenched teeth* ... *angry face*

'i'm gonna pawne youuuu.."

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The story is too old to be commented.