Need for Speed: Shift Like Gran Turismo? Nope: We Want Our Game to Be Fun

VG247: "Need for Speed: Shift is obviously gunning for realism. You'd kind of expect the Slightly Mad title, then, to have Gran Turismo in its sights. Apparently not. Shift is going to be about "fun," not "driving in a straight line," producer Jesse Abney told VG247 in London last week."

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Why dis3554d ago (Edited 3554d ago )

This game is looking nice.

If the devs keep this up they'll catch to where the Ferrari Project should be right about now graphically.

I_am_rushin3554d ago

nice job posting the PC screenshots.

ShabzS3554d ago

finally someone said it.. all your super ralistic forzas and gts cant match up to GAMES like grid ..

Hallucinate3554d ago (Edited 3554d ago )

honestly there both fun it really just depends on the mood your in
also the headline qoute...isnt even in the article he said "GT fun is not the kinda fun were aiming for" or something like that

SL1M DADDY3554d ago

Then why is it that they sold millions of copies? Sorry, but this is just a low shot by a company known for such cheap shots. In the end, the game will more than likely be good but with a reputation for frame rate drops and lousy acting, I fear that it will be lumped in with the rest of the NFS series. Good games, but not great games.

Rock Bottom3554d ago

That's strange, 'cause I've been playing racing games since the SNES/Genisis days, and I can't remember a racing game I played as much as GT4(more than 200 h), now I could be an idiot who keeps playing a game he can't enjoy, or I can be just one of the 10 million+ people who enjoys playing GT and keeps buying it.

PirateThom3554d ago

If I was to count how many hours I've put into Gran Turismo, it would probably be depressing, but it's probably bordering on the 1000hour mark for the series (4 main games, 5 Prologue)

License tests and endurance races... you people know what I'm talking about!

LastDance3554d ago (Edited 3554d ago )

Look. Can we all just admit that no devs are more into their sh!t than polyphony digital. I mean seriously. There is no game that even comes CLOSE to GT league and that is a clear cut fact.

Edit: the only reason these guys are saying this is because they dont WANT to be compared to GT in which case they will obviously lose. Remember the name of the last game that tried to compete with GT on 360 ...yeah that's right, I cant remember the name of it either.

zodiac9093554d ago

it depends on your likes, i personally prefer simulators rather than arcade, but thats me...but you can't say ones better than the other cause they are more different than alike

RumbleFish3553d ago (Edited 3553d ago )

This NFS will be as much fun as any other NFS: zero!

There is ONE Simulator: GT and there's ONE arcade hyper fun racer: Burnout.

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Microsoft Xbox 3603554d ago

I'd take simulation over arcade racing any day. Can't wait for GT5.

Majors3554d ago

It's not the simulation that lets them down because GT is nearly perfect and single player is amazing, but its the online and the "other players" who dont treat it like a simulation. They just ram you off the track and you get a penalty for it while there off down the track.
Hopefully Shift has the online sorted and it is fair for real players while imature drivers get penaltys or kicked.

SL1M DADDY3554d ago

Come on, be realistic.. That issue has been the bane of racing games since online was introduced to them. They won't penalize those guys because too many times an accident could happen and then they are punishing legitimate drivers for taking chances that in any real day of driving might otherwise pay off. In the end, online driving is best done with those you know and trust to bring you a fair fight.

iDystopia3554d ago

Need for Speed:Shift is sounding pretty good. This franchise needed a breath of fresh air.

dj555555553554d ago

I think this man confused the word fun with amateur

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