More info about Uncharted 2 and MAG tomorrow

According to the latest Twitter post from Geoff Keighley. PS3 fans should be getting some good updates on Uncharted 2, MAG, etc. starting tomorrow.

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WildArmed3486d ago

Uncharted 2, MAG AND InFamous news!?

Rock Bottom3486d ago

Again with the "there will be news" news?

Hallucinate3486d ago

yea embargoes lifted at 9:00 pst according to GT anyways

ThanatosDMC3486d ago

I'm getting more and more interested with MAG.

HS833486d ago

Hey guys Im thinking of picking up a PS3 next month strictly for MAG. Any good deals out there?

onijutsu3486d ago

wait till e3, i have a feeling that they will announce a price drop then.
if they don't then what do you loose; nothing.

HS833486d ago

okay, will do!
Im just impatient! LOL :)

Why o why3486d ago

Too many games on the horizon:)

TheMART3486d ago


pwnsause3486d ago

oh yea lets talk about price drop 1 month before E3, great Idea mart, what a great business man you are. seriously, you would drive a company towards bankruptcy if you were running it. do you actually beleive they would announce such a thing a month prior to E3?

TheMART3486d ago

Just saying they are too late already.

Would they have dropped the price to 299 just before last Christmas, then the consolewar would have possible have been fired up a bit. Now anything is to late. Every day makes them missing more possible sales that go to the competition. Yes dude, even now with a month to go before the E3.

And I bet they WON'T drop the price because they can't. No more money to loose. I expect Sony to drop it just before Christmas 2009. It ain't logic to drop the price just before summer with no great exclusive like last year when MGS4 was there just before summer to drive sales further.

pwnsause3486d ago

Mart, nothing is ever too late.

as long as they continue to offer gamers with AAA quality games, and that they bring a great amount every year and they keep suppressing the price to make it more affordable for them and you, then its never too late.

TheMART3486d ago

"Mart, nothing is ever too late."

Wrong. In a console life cycle which runs about 5 to 6 years (yes even said having a life of 10 years the main cycle is 5 to 6 years) every month later means a lot.

And if the competition is building steady on a larger marketshare, that will have more mouth to mouth sales. In this economic crisis people choosing a 360 that costs about half of the PS3, and do about the same, with ease.

Sony has made the PS3 3rd this gen themselves. The next round of consoles will arrive in 2011/2012 and you can bet Sony doesn't want to come late at the party again. They want to outdo Microsoft this time in launching their next gen console. Thus: its well in 2009 now, that leaves 1.5 to 2.5 years to shine. Thats a short time if you keep delaying the pricedrop to the 200 Dollar/Euro price point were the mass of people buys.

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The story is too old to be commented.