Bleach Heat the Soul 6 : New Story Trailer

A new Bleach Heat the Soul 6's video has been published by Sony today.
You can look at it on Liveplayportable, because the trailer can't be embed.

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sinncross3462d ago

Sony really need to get a PS3 Bleach title out, and a One Piece one to boot!

madpuppy3462d ago

I never really got into one piece. what is it? like Pirates with a character that is like mister incredible in a straw hat or something? It just doesn't make any sense to me.

theEnemy3462d ago

They should have made this game after all Espada's release form have been shown.

Pretty stupid if Yammy, Ulquiorra, Halibel, Barragan, and Stark still have no release form and their moves are still the same as BHtS5.