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WildArmed4089d ago

no kidding.
and its 3 player co-op.. non story related!
+ the multiplayer looks amazing!
Uncharted 2 GOTY 09!

MURKERR4089d ago

3 player co-op,4 vs 4 deathmatch...this definately does not sound tacked on

crazy-eyez-killah4089d ago

Win, pure win.

This game will be amazing.

I_am_rushin4089d ago

The trophies in the originally game were very easy, that's how I got my first platinum.

Uncharted 2 will probably involve online trophies, hopefully they are not trophies you have to grind out.

danfry4089d ago

To me these screenshots look a little suss. I'm not sure they are genuine, looks like someone has just photoshopped some names over the heads of the characters.

king dong24089d ago

whens the release date for this??

i'm certainly more than a little interested in this game now!

bpac1234567894089d ago

To be honest i don't see how well death matches are going to work and how deep the online play can actually be. There will most likely be very little customization, perks, ext all of which give an online game longevity. But I'll try to keep the faith in naughty dog considering they haven't let me down this generation.

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Kingsora4089d ago

3 player co-op in a seperate story line, TOTAL WIN :D

thor4089d ago


Didn't everybody complain MASSIVELY when Resistance 2 didn't feature co-op in the main campaign?

And arguably Resistance 2 suffered because they tried to do too much...

And how can Uncharted 2's MP mode stand out? It looks like very generic stuff to me. DM. CTF. Yawn. 4vs4?

Is it going to have split-screen? (it's doubtful, yet that's what I'd really like to see)

Why o why4089d ago (Edited 4089d ago )

until im playing it. Im still relying on the single player game for my fix. Anything else is an added bonus

Bazookajoe_834089d ago

The complaint was that they had removed coop from the main campaign, not that they had a diffrent coop campaign.

Ghoul4089d ago (Edited 4089d ago )

awesome but im skeptical

i was a bit disapointed with the noncampaign coop in resistance that had nothing to do with the story.

but nvm Uncharted 1 is my favorit action adventure game EVER, played through it several times.

anh_duong4089d ago (Edited 4089d ago )

the problem with r2 was that they removed components that people like and replaced it with other components that not everyone liked. in u2 the developers AREN'T REMOVING ANY COMPONENTS - they are simply adding two new components that were not in even available in the original.

CaptainMeatwad4089d ago (Edited 4089d ago )

actually, im pretty disappointed that U2 will be doing the same style of co-op that R2 did. it would be much better if they had taken that time to put splitscreen into the campaign instead.

im really sad that most co-op games these days are leaning toward online co-op rather than splitscreen; playing with some online guy you don't know just isnt the same as sitting on your couch with a friend. its making gamers into antisocial basement-dwellers

oh well, ps3nogames lol

thor4089d ago

Yeah totally agree CaptainMeatwad, that was the point in my post. Unfortunately the Sony fanboys on this site can't seem to think rationally. There were MASSIVE complaints that R2 didn't feature co-op in the campaign, despite how great the co-op was. I thought those people would be upset? I personally would love to be able to play through U2 with my brother. Do you know which multiplayer game has got the most playtime on my PS3? Warhawk. Because it's one of the few games that actually supports online split-screen. Killzone 2 just excludes anybody else who's watching and wants to play. Uncharted 2 will do the same.

I've seen a video of the multiplayer, and it reminds me of a few things:

Uncharted 1's graphics are MASSIVELY overhyped by the fanboys on this site. Sure, it looks good, but I've seen better. They just blindly ignore many of the shortfalls in the graphics - that foliage doesn't look so pretty up-close, the environments are generally small and linear and it has some of the worst aliasing issues I've seen.

Developers can't get out of the standard shooter formula. Most devs don't even seem to want to offer no-respawn games or much customisability at all. They just put a load of players in a map, set spawn points, give everyone a weapon, put everyone on one of 2 teams, and count how many kills one side gets against the other. Now I could rant on about the flaws in these type of games, but don't we at LEAST want something different? How about a new game mode? A radical change in the mechanics of the game? Melee only? More than 2 teams? No-respawn, limited respawn? I've played deathmatch. I've seen every gameplay mechanic and weapon variation there is to see. Any differences are only subtle. AT LEAST mix it up a bit with vehicles or some kind of wacky game mode (World at War, at least you tried to offer something new).

The Wood4089d ago (Edited 4089d ago )

way to generalise. I think most peoples issue with R2 was that they removed the co op from single player where as this has had no removal its just a different co op from the start, chill out and read what the people above have actually put. And please to tell us what you've seen that is better because its easy to nit pick or be over critical of minor parts or issues. The fact is ALL games have em even the one you'd mention if you reply but thats neither here nor there. Uncharted 1 had some of the best effects, vistas, set pieces seen this gen. Other parts of other games may also be great but collectively Uncharted was right up there and its not only 'fanboys' who feel so. On your freshness comment Ill agree with ya. I hope they do some type of timed race or booty transport mode. Ill wait and hope they do bring something new to the modes.

thor4089d ago

Well Gears 2 looks better than Uncharted - at least from a technical standpoint. KZ2 looks even better than that. I can appreciate that Uncharted looks gorgeous, but it's not really head and shoulders above most things out. There ARE multiplatform games that look as good and arguably better (Resident Evil 5 as an example). I was only nitpicking because people tend to overlook the flaws. I can't really explain fully why I think certain games have better graphics than Uncharted, other than by giving specific examples of stuff. But there are certainly much more impressive moments in games like Gears 2 and KZ2.

I don't think it's an issue of removal with R2. Because it's not like you're playing through the SAME campaign. I would argue that since Naughty Dog's PS1 game, "Crash Team Racing", gave me countless hours of split-screen fun, split-screen has been "removed" from their games now which is disheartening. People were upset about R2 because they thought there was no reason why co-op couldn't be in the main campaign when there was a dedicated co-op mode. Why wouldn't they think the same about Uncharted 2? If you like playing co-op you'll surely want that feature.

I am only annoyed because I get disagreed with by all the fanboys when I post a negative comment, even though my points were pretty much true, or at least could be discussed. I may have cherry-picked negative things, but they're not necessarily wrong.

DaTruth4089d ago

Uncharted looks better than Gears period. Uncharted also looks even better than Gears from a technical standpoint. 2D fire looks bad from a technical standpoint. Gears has 2D fire. Unreal is technically inferior to Uncharted engine. Technically the character models in Uncharted have twice the polygons of Gears... sorry FACT! In every way except one, Uncharted is guaranteed better than Gears... Ganeplay is your opinion.

Traveler4089d ago

Thor, I used to think you were pretty level headed but now most of your comments just seem antagonistic. You seem like a 360 fanboy to be honest.

I used to lean towards the 360 (just read my old posts) and now I simply like both consoles. However, what you said about Uncharted is just dead wrong. It makes me wonder if all you are basing your comments on are what you have seen in videos.

I have both consoles and I own Gears 2, Killzone 2, Uncharted and Resident Evil 5 and from a technical standpoint there is no doubt that Uncharted stands above Resident Evil 5 and Gears of War 2.

The problem I see with a lot of people is that they are poor judges of the technical measures of game graphics. Many people mix up art design and aesthetic appeal (which is largely subjective) with other more technical graphical criteria.

And as I said, Uncharted is unarguably more advanced than Gears of War 2 in technical terms. First of all, the textures are just as good in Uncharted as in Gears 2. Moreover, I saw far less texture pop-in in Uncharted than in Gears, which if anything would give the edge to Uncharted in the area of textures.

In terms of lighting it's not even close. Uncharted has a real-time lighting engine, while Gears 2 completely lacks any kind of real-time lighting. To be in one of the jungle environments in Uncharted and see hundreds of moving shadows cast over the landscape by the sun through the swaying foliage is probably an example of one of the best lighting engines I have ever seen in a game. Games with real-time lighting have always felt far more believable and realistic to me than games without it.

The animations in Uncharted are also more varied and refined than those in Gears 2 (the latter aren't bad however). Character models are also more detailed in Uncharted; characters up close in Gears 2 don't look nearly as good.

Uncharted also has the edge in terms of other effects like 'depth of field' and motion blur. Not to mention that Uncharted is extremely impressive in the fact that after the initial load the game can be played straight through without ever having to see a load screen.

I also was dumbfounded by your comment about Uncharted's foliage not being impressive, because quite frankly Uncharted had some of the best-looking foliage I had ever seen in a game. As for Uncharted 2, I can't say because I haven't played the game yet, but I don't see how you can draw such a conclusion based on the videos that have been released so far. Do you really want me to post screenshots comparing the foliage in Gears vs Uncharted?

In any case, Uncharted is still one of the most graphically impressive games I have played on consoles. Killzone 2 surpasses it in certain ways, but I think Uncharted holds its own even against that game. Uncharted always amazes me when I go back to playing it, even after I have recently been playing all the other graphical powerhouse games. The same isn't true when I start up a game of Gears 2 or Resident Evil 5. They look nice, but they don't wow me the way Uncharted does.

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trpride4089d ago

Those names above the characters look kinda lama

sunnygrg4089d ago

3 player Co-op. hehe

Nathan, Sully and the new chick.

WildArmed4089d ago (Edited 4089d ago )

i wanted
Nathan, Elena, Chloe (the new chick)-- can't spell 4 crap

Flyingelephant4089d ago

I wonder if the screens of Chloe, Nate and Sully (sully is on the ground with an X in one screen) are co-op? I know the one with Chloe running with the golden box is capture the treasure. I bet the characters are randomly selected for you in multiplayer like in modern warfare, like you don't get to choose who you play with.

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