Sony Confirms - Not all territories will get PlayStation Store

More versions coming "in due course"

Sony has confirmed that some PS3 owners will have to wait until they can visit the PlayStation Store - adding that some territories won't get access at all.

PlayStation Store is billed as "an integrated and streamlined online storefront" which "allows all PS3 users to browse and download available entertainment content".

Along with downloading high-definition game videos and playable demos for titles such as Motorstorm, users can purchase full games such as Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection.

But since PS3 went on sale in Europe last Friday, some forum users have complained that they can't access PS Store. The service is reportedly unavailable in territories including Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Iceland, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Slovenia.

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Ps3Fanboy7774759d ago

Greece? My friend lives there major bummer... Oh well... Thats what he gets for moving there!

Steve and Chris where you at?

techie4759d ago (Edited 4759d ago )

UH. title misleading. SHould be "YET"

Bladestar I am not arguing that it is not a failure from Sony. it certainly you have my support to attack them. i was just saying the heading made it sound like they would never get it. I'm sure they will in the next few weeks. tis all. Continue to bash freely

BIadestarX4759d ago

deep, how long is "Yet". Is this yet another thing to wait in sony camp? By the way isn't interesting that when it comes to Sony one must buy their product before knowing if it's missing something? Why didn't they anounced this prior lauch day. It seems to be that this is the kind of information consumers would like to know and Sony does not believe is important.

BrotherSic4759d ago

i agree that it should have been annouced before the launch.

It annoys me that the 360 video marketplace is not available in the UK but it would be alot worst if you couldnt get demos. Hopefully Sony will sort it out and allow everyone to at least get demos.

Aeroglyphics4759d ago

This was to be expected, obviously it's a lot of work to start a global online network. I seems like everything needs to be an argument when it comes to Sony lately. They really can't win with you guys. Think about what the alternative to them releasing a handful of countries PSN a later. The alternative would have been delaying the launch of the PS3 in those countries. Now which circumstance is better? Damned if they do, damned if they don't.

hamburgerhill4759d ago

Sony dropped the ball and let alot of it's consumer's down by not telling people something this important! I'm sure a few would of waited to purchase one had they of known this! Also this was not the obvious for everyone and they should of got there sh!t together before they deliberately kept quite and pulled a fast one on those guys! The good thing here is that Sony will eventually catch on I hope!

BIadestarX4759d ago

Actually there is no need for delaying anything. All they have to do is let people know what they are getting intead having them run to their house turn on their console and realized something as important as the marketplace is not available. You are talking about download and game content. We are not talking about some video market place that has nothing to do with games; we are talking about no downloadable content or demos. At least let people know they are not going to get it. ohh wait.. that would give Sony lot's of bad press.

Bigmac5734759d ago

I have a US, UK, China, and japan account.

hfaze4759d ago

The only problem with creating a fake account based in another country is how do you add funds to your PSN Store account?

I went through that trying to get Tekken DR off of the Hong Kong store. My bankcard (or either credit card) would not work for adding funds to that account.