Uncharted 2 Multiplayer Screens

Kombo Writes: "Uncharted 2 will have a nice multiplayer feature. Details are currently a bit scarce, but we do have some new screens to share with you. The screens seem to suggest something that looks similar to Gears of War, except in the Uncharted universe. Let's just hope this a fully thought out idea and not something tacked on.

Aside from death match style multiplayer screens, there are also a few co-op screens."

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WildArmed3487d ago (Edited 3487d ago )

look quite fake. Although I sincerely hope they are true.
i wanna play the beta all summer!
Drake is soo bulky.

and that treasure looks like it was pasted on..
they even have some co-op screenies.
w/e we'll find out later 2day.
(can't wait!)

King_many_layers3487d ago

nah they don't look fake to me, the lighting's working on all the charcters. The treasure looked a little dodgy, but at the same time the screens look squished.

did you Notice Sully on the floor in one ?? :O XD XD XD very happy about that =)

My favourite new IP just got better.

WildArmed3487d ago

after reading ur comment, I went over them again.
Actually... i think its.. legit.
there i said it lol
Can't wait 4 the beta!

GameGambits3487d ago

This game just went from being in my top 5 of most wanted games of this year to #1 on the list. The picture that sold me was the one where someone was scaling a wall to get up to whoever the lady in red is in the MP. The reason that gets me so excited is because ND stated that this time around Drake would be able to shoot even while climbing, walking tight walkways, etc so being able to gun people from walls to bring death below = amazing.

I was on the fence about buying inFAMOUS, but was going to for sure rent it. Now I could care less if inFAMOUS was a total bomb and a waste of 60 bucks for my tastes, because at least I can have at the MP early.

I'm really excited for May 26th. :)

Coheno3486d ago

It's not fake! A lot of journos were presented to this last week, and the embargo is lifted today, so totally legit!

And this game will now consume my life! Have played the first Uncharted 3 times now, and still plan on playing more! So when this hits...with multiplayer and co-op, it will consume my life!

na2ru13486d ago

to see Sully there too, regardless of him dead on the floor lol, I'm still happy.

jwatt3486d ago

Geoof talks about it on his twitter page.

Coheno3486d ago

Exactly, embargo is lifted today on those games and what the press saw, so expect a lot of news on those 3 games today...

Rainstorm813486d ago

BUt what hurts the most is when Infamous releases we will get the multiplayer beta for Uncharted, but we will end up having to wait to play it until it is activated at another time instead of being able to play it day one. Similar to Crakdown and the Halo 3 MP beta

ThanatosDMC3486d ago

Oh noes! A multiplayer mode on one of the best looking games this generation! And it looks like it'll retain its graphical look online!

Thepro3183486d ago

Socom should of had graphics like this

Ju3486d ago

KZ just got Killzoned. I mean that in a good way. If those shots are in game, then wow. There is obviously still head room in today's best games. Looking forward to this (and all the competition it'll create to make good games even better in the future).

INehalemEXI3486d ago

yeah , if anything rivals KZ2 gfx it was this.

king dong23486d ago

thats looking pretty damn fine...infact, thats looking amazing!!

another game to go with my ps3 when i pick it up in early june.

mikeslemonade3486d ago

Bye bye Gears of War 2. Uncharted 2 is here the Gears of War series is going downhill from here.

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TheHater3487d ago (Edited 3487d ago )

If you think this is fake, then I have to inform you that you are wrong.

As for the screen shots.
Look ok. I for one isn't too big on the Uncharted 2 multiplayer. I am however can't wait for the Co-op. Uncharted is my favorite game on the PS3 and I cannot wait for this baby. I will be playing the Online BETA in a few weeks :) and I can't wait for that. Maybe that will change my mind about multiplayer for Uncharted 2. I hope it changes my mind because I want to love every part of Uncharted 2.

windmill1453487d ago

Pics look incredible, I just hope they add a single player mission in the beta, just to get a taste of the story and get a feel of the new mechanics before I go online.

sunnygrg3487d ago (Edited 3487d ago )

So we have a confirmed competitive mode. I hope Co-op screens soon follow. Then, I would slap every reviewers for deducting a point for lack of Coop.

Edit: NVM, they have Co-op screens too. Now the b!tch slapping begins.

TheHater3487d ago

I remember those reviewers. The b!tch about Uncharted not having a multiplayer or Co-Op but let Bioshock pass because at the time it was an Xbox 360 exclusive.

morganfell3487d ago

Agreed. They attacked Killzone 2 to no end. Why? No co-op. Bioshock? No co-op.

I was playing Bioshock again today - along with about 5 other titles - and one of the things that annoys me time and again is unloading on certain characters in the game and they act as if they are taking no damage at all. They do not slow down for a second until you put that 30th or 40th round in them and suddenly out of the blue a fatal hit. Ridiculous. I like the story but I am not a fan of that outdated lack-of-damage model at all.

MURKERR3487d ago (Edited 3487d ago )

because we went through hell from 360 fanboys and the medias constant bashing it was hell(and its still happening but not as much)but we all hung in there

people now realise ps3 is here to stay,its produced the best game graphically this gen and has the best 1st party line up.

so i dont blame ps3 owners for feeling a little smug these days

jack_burt0n3487d ago

its all in the reflexes.......

Rainstorm813486d ago

the game was going to be great without the MP aspect but now......I just cant wait til the inevitable "Gears2 vs Uncharted 2" stories that will be good for a laugh or maybe this time we wont see any of those kind of articles

Monkey5213486d ago

day 1 60 GB PS3 owner here. We did go through hell

Marcelles253486d ago (Edited 3486d ago )

i wasn't day 1 but bought a 60 gig about nine months after came out
it was a clear choice get an rrod3fixme or the trey for only 100 bucks more worked all through the summer to get that...... im so proud of myself *starts tearing up* *yells, the Power*

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sunnygrg3487d ago

OMG Coop multiplayer. AAA confirmed. XD

I see reviewers editing their early reviews already to adjust for the slight "uh-oh" moment.