Recession Proof - Gaming in Today's Economy

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"The modern video game industry; a seemingly recession-proof money-making juggernaut that has managed to escape the ailing economy mostly unscathed, is an example of just how many people in today's society need games to relieve the tension of day to day life. The above statement can be boiled down to a far simpler and more digestible phrase that makes many reconsider gaming as a form of mainstream entertainment media: "Gaming is Escapism". To those of us who understand the word "Escapism", a shudder runs up our spines as the connotations of the horrifying Psychology term come boiling to the surface, like crude oil escaping from a sunken submarine. We use games as a means to escape (hence the term escapism) our everyday lives, leaving behind the menial and horribly mundane to dash off and save the universe, battle the hordes, waste zombies, and otherwise become that which we cannot be in the real world."

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Valkyrie834090d ago

Well written article, agree for the most part.....seems as though the VG industry is untouchable on a whole, I mean look at the freaking Wii sales!

UltimaEnder4090d ago

I have to agree with the article author, there are a lot of factors playing into what we spend our hard-earned money on but entertainment isn't going anywhere, and gaming is one of the best forms of that....

Valkyrie834089d ago

Since you are not in the United States pepper what is your opinion on gaming in this terrible (at least in the USA) economy?

no-spin4089d ago (Edited 4089d ago )

Still the 3 GameStop that are within 15 minutes of one another are still fully operational and Always there is a line to buy, no empty stores.

Ninjamonkey4089d ago

Well people need escapism, especially today where for many their lives are all about work, tight deadlines, and a lot of stress due to economic times and just due to woring hard all the time.

Playing games instantly makes you forget all about that, its like being on a holiday. Theres nothing wrong with escapism as long as it does not become an obsession, its just like reading a book.

Except of course games are more fun, and more soiciable.

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