Rumor: 3 major game announcements for E3 on PS3

PS3Addiction.com writes:

"With E3 just a few months away, gamers around the world are clammoring for news on some hot tips as to what's to come. While we can almost guarantee a slew of information is coming for God of War III and Uncharted 2, here are a couple of games that, according to multiple sources, may be in the works."

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WildArmed5567d ago

I have enough games i am keeping track of.
i dont need moreeee :/

ssipmraw5567d ago

i both agree and disagree

god of war 3 and team ico project are what im looking forwards to

TreborRversed5567d ago

Heavy Rain, my most anticipated this year. I've wanted this ever since I heard it was being made.

Pandemic5567d ago

Hopefully this is true.. It's always good to have console exclusives..

DeadlyFire5567d ago

ICO not my type of game. Although maybe I just didn't get to play it enough to enjoy it.

There are many other games that are just as great as ICO though. I believe anyway.

Hmm......Has another developer taken the reigns of Timesplitters 4? Do they know nothing of what a buyout means. Crytek Owns them and all of their series. Timesplitters 4 is already likely on the way. As far as PS3 only though I doubt it.

Mindboggle5567d ago

Could be Team ICO game...Rockstar Game....Kojima Game....

But realistically its probably Heavy Rain..Mag...God of War...or maybe uncharted

Beast_Master5567d ago

London is up to something, and has been for a couple of years since 8 days and the Getaway 3 were canceled. I don't believe they have been only working on Home. I would not be surprised if we hear about either a secret game or Syphon Filter PS3.

I think a PS3 Syphon Filter > Time Splitters 4.

Mikerra175567d ago

it makes me wonder if they will all sell well

ThanatosDMC5567d ago

Guess, some of us wont be eating for a few weeks again!

n4f5567d ago

its look like they gonna present shenmu

xabmol5567d ago (Edited 5567d ago )

"ICO 3>everything else that matters


Freak of Nature5566d ago (Edited 5566d ago )

Team Ico's next game is my most anticipated game.

However their are many titles that can be announced as most here know...

We know of the Team ICo game,GOW3,Uncharted 2,etc,etc....

Their are also some games more obscure,like Quantum theory,War devil.They could be getting a full unveiling....

Whats Kojima and jaffe cooking up? MGS5,ZOE3,twisted metal? Some new IP?

What I want is some "out of no where" triple A megatons...Like Sony Studio cambridge's game.It's been in the works for about two years now I believe. What about Sony Liverpool and Sony London?

How about that game the BBC reporter raved about?

Or the rumored new IP from Insomniac, the act/rpg platformer?

Perhaps beyond LBP on PSP,we get some new info from Media molecule on a new platforming IP (would'nt that be fantastic)....

Dark Cloud 3?

E3 cannot get here fast enough.It will be my 11th. And looks to be back in the fastlane.

Pika-pie5566d ago

Surely we must hear something from Team ICO this time round.. We had crumy screenshot nearly a year ago to announce the were working on something.

At least give us a teaser... PLEEEASSE

Enate5566d ago (Edited 5566d ago )

I'm just as excited for all the good games we already know about an for team ico's project an all that but I want some rpg announcements.
We have everything genre covered but RPGS an that's what I'm really hoping for. An please no more water color little kid JRPGS I'm talking some real deal certified hit JRPGS.

Not just exclusives this is what is an what's coming but mainly exclusives an. Top games out currently in their respective fields.

Team Ico's game
A class all its own-Heavy Rain
Action Adventure- Uncharted 2, God of War III, Infamous, Prototype, Resident Evil 5
Horror Survival- Dead Space
Fighting- SCIV, SFIV, Tekken 6, Fight Night Round 4
Racing- Burnout Paradise, GT5
FPS- Killzone 2, R2, Mag, Modern warfare 2
WRPG- Fallout 3
Platform- Little Big Planet, Rachet
SRPG/TRPG- Valkyria Chronicles, Disgaea 3
JRPG- White Knight Story, FFXIII, FFXIII versus

All of these J-RPGS are still quite a ways off but for the rest of the genres everyone has something now or coming soon. Its really time to put on the J-RPG heat. Starting with Legend of Dragoon 2 an hopefully a new Suikoden along with other new ip's or continuations.

spectyre5566d ago (Edited 5566d ago )

Oh no you di-int!!!

"An please no more water color little kid JRPGS"

You better not be talking about my Valkyria Chronicles.

*On topic*
Too much great stuff coming out of the Sony camp. I've been trying to stay away from gaming so my wife won't leave me... I'm gonna miss her.

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Narutone665567d ago

of GT5 and I'll be a happy gamer. LittleBigPlanet for PSP does interest me too. Maybe I'll buy another PSP to go with it.

sack_boi5567d ago

OMG GT5 is really all I care about right now. I hope we'll have more info soon.

XxZxX5567d ago

how many rumors major announcement that we didnt see. Dont get hope too high

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freshkid15567d ago

Twisted Metal, Kojimas 2 games, ?

Rock Bottom5567d ago

I think we will be seeing one of Kojima's games, but not two, he said one of the two gmaes is still in early development and can't be shown until next year.