RPG Land : RPG Deals 4/26 - 5/2

Russ writes "Best Buy takes the cake this week with a massive $10 sale across most platforms; the 360, PS3 and DS being chief among them. There's a couple of good games, but the only RPGs are Infinite Undiscovery and Operation Darkness on the 360. There also seems to be some miscellaneous sale going on at different Best Buys. Sometimes it's 25% off a title, or Buy 1 Get 1 half off, and the titles seem to differ. Check out your local Best Buy and look at the end of each section to see where they are. It will differ store to store."

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locos854089d ago

I arrived at my Best Buy 20 minutes after opening. There were tons of people taking advantage of the sale. Infinite Undiscovery sold out real quick. I think its one of the main games people are looking for. I wouldn't have bought it if it wasn't for the sale.

P.S. You can get a rain check on the games in case its sold out. My friend did this with IU, 007, and SCIV

SpoonyRedMage4089d ago

Wow, I wonder if this will drive up IU's sales any significant amount. Imagine if ti somehow reached a mil, that'd be crazy!

It's a decent games though...not great, not bad.

iHEARTboobs4089d ago

Wow, didn't know they were offering that. I'm definately heading there. I tried to buy some games online but most of the games I wanted had sold out. And I looked saturday night, shortly after midnight (so technically it was already sunday).

cyrus2284089d ago

i spent 60 and still enjoyed it. if ur a jrpg fan at all and u dont get this game at 10$ then ur a fool

SpoonyRedMage4089d ago

I bought it for £25 pound(at the same time I got The Last Remnant) and I think they're both good and well worth what I paid for them.


ten bucks for a generic and utterly boring Jrpg that has very little going for it? AWESOME! Operation Darkness, one of the worst Atlus games released in recent memory? TUBULAR! Why do people rush out to buy junk just because it has their companies logo? Instead use that money and put a touch extra get Tales of Vesperia or Lost Oddessey or something more worthy?