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We check and see if Crysis Warhead can still hold up with the best games out there a year after its release.

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iClutch3461d ago

Yeah, the graphics are amazing. Unfortunately, not many PCs can run it.

TheRealSpy023460d ago

actually if you do a search in google for 'budget pc crysis' you'll find that ppl not only configure a system that can run it very well, but provide links to newegg and various sites for the cheapest ways to build them.

i've seen a crysis capable PC configuration for as little as 800 bucks.

dirthurts3460d ago

Is too far ahead of its time. I wish they would cut down on the impossible graphics they are pushing for.

I can run it, but not very well. It doesn't matter if I'm on min or max settings I always average between 20-40 fps. Something is up with that...and I have to video cards.

Maybe the next game will be better optimized.

I know the new engine runs on PS3 and Xbox 360, so if it can run there, it can run great on pcs.

Note to devs.
Games sell more if you can play them!

TheRealSpy023460d ago

most devs live by that policy. fortunately there are a few companies, like crytek, that still push the hardware.

if it weren't for companies like them, we'd have consoles lasting 10-20 years cuz the rest of the peons are willing to develop for inferior hardware as long as ppl are willing to buy.

we need some programmers who like to push and progress technology.

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The story is too old to be commented.