Retailers Still Like Idea Of Left 4 Dead On PS3

Left 4 Dead came out last year on PC and Xbox 360. But not on PS3. Now, retailer GAME's Australian website reckons it's finally coming to Sony's system.

Before the game launched, Valve's Chet Faliszek said there'd be no PS3 version because, while porting from PC to Xbox 360 was a piece of cake, making a PS3 version would require starting from scratch.

Then a few weeks later, GAME's UK website advertised a PS3 version. Back then, Valve once again denied its existence.

But the following day, Valve did admit publisher EA were interested in a PS3 version.

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panasonic233487d ago

ps3fanboys wanted l4d to bad go buy a pc but like yall said pc cost 2 thousand dollars so yall best bet is to buy an xbox 360.

WildArmed3487d ago

my pc..
4 years old.. can handle L4D.
I dont know which world u live in, but no1 needs a 2k rig to play any game atm..
L4D is not the exception

Queers of War3487d ago

a 2 grand PC for a game running a 4 year old engine? yeah right. my dads ancient comp could probably handle L4D to the max.

Stubacca3486d ago

Game is good. But I'd rather have Sony's exclusives with the possibility of this title coming out.

Beats having no games this year.

Spike473487d ago

maybe a PS3 version for the sequel but a port would be a bad idea.

WildArmed3487d ago

I agree.
I've overplayed it (as most of other ppl) on my 360 and PC.
Plus, its the mods that will keep the game alive on the PC. Which is why i got it on PC first.
Unless they wanna do a 'expanded' version somehow i mite think of getting it 4 PS3

DrWan3487d ago

but we'll see how this one goes, I dont have alot of confidence in Valve+EA. Orange box left an bad taste in my mouth.

WildArmed3487d ago

possible and being implemented are different things though.
TF2 coulda had mods, but it didn't.
Im not gonna jump da gun and bet that ps3 will have mods. (for L4D)-- if it even comes out.

yeah i have ut3 and am currently playing it on ps3.
trying out a new cover system mod that my friend is working on

BWS19823487d ago

Even though I have a PC and plan to get it for that when I build my new one, I'd be interested if a PS3 version released with the new maps and some mod compatibility to boot....If that "edition" retailed, I'd be interested, I won't lie... but keyboard and mouse are hard to beat, however...

Raoh3487d ago

I disagree about it being too late to port to the ps3.

Left 4 Dead is such a good game in my opinion that if the ps3 gamer got Left 4 Dead in late 2010, he would still enjoy it as much as 360 gamers enjoy it now. its that good of a game. i would say that if the orange box had never came out to the ps3 and it was coming out now it would also be as enjoyable.

those two game are that good.

aaron58293487d ago

I played L4D on my PC...

Seems fun at first.. but it soon became a boring "shoot anything you see while heading in one direction" fps for me.

morganfell3487d ago

I have it on PC and the issue the game faces is huge. By that I mean a Sony lineup of exclusives that are shaping up to leave L4D in the dust.

ZuperAmazingCooKie3487d ago

Valve doesn't want money from PS3 owners anyway so they shouldn't care if PS3 owners pirate this game on PC or 360

evrfighter3487d ago

"Valve doesn't want money from PS3 owners anyway so they shouldn't care if PS3 owners pirate this game on PC or 360 "

You can be rest assured they probably don't care. Any pc gamer knows you'll get the most enjoyment out of a steam game on steam. Valve knows this also.

UltraNova3487d ago

Lets admit something here, L4D is not the best game out there, its not the best looking either but what it does it does with virtually no rivalry! Fun fun fun! I've played this at a local gaming lounge on the pc and I must say this game rocks!

Now my point here is that of course the retailers want to see it on the ps3 why? Piracy! Simple innit? The pc is overruned for quite some time now, the 360 is plagued as well but not that bad ( not even close to the pc actually ) so if the game is so good and addictive this could spell major sales on a non piracy suffering platform... I know for a fact that more than half of the guys at my local gaming lounge who actually own L4d its actually a pirate copy...

( what? wait did this guy just say a good game which is addictive etc would sell? Killzone 2 anyone? )

Well if you are wondering about that join the club!! Still 1+ million sales is far from bad! Its just it could do much much better...

SL1M DADDY3486d ago

Seeing it on the PS3 would make no difference to me. It was a good title but short lived to those who dislike repetition.

Odion3486d ago

UltraNove you are aware that L4D is closing in on the 3 million mark?

FlameBaitGod3486d ago

I wouldn't buy it even if it came with extra crap on it, this is the same company that laugh when people where saying L4D was coming to PS3.

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Spike473487d ago

last time I checked L4D's graphics are nothing special.

TheColbertinator3487d ago

Hahahahahaha no way.Left 4 Dead is not coming to PS3,its only for 360 just like bioshock,tales of vesperia,ninja gaiden 2,and eternal.Only on 360 b!tchessss.

360isthebestps3sucks3487d ago

continue dreaming ps3fanboys this will never happen ...

WildArmed3487d ago

Retailers aint fanboys.. unlike you.
they are just trying to make some money.
What a delusional world you live in my friend