Wedgies, Aliens And Trophies In The Upcoming Pain Expansion.

One of the best PSN title (Pain) is getting yet another expansion. The next expansion, "Sore Spots,", It adds some new environments as well as some great new Multi-Player features.

Check Them Out.

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Snake Raiser3489d ago

Stop, just stop. Ya, its a fun game that I still might pick up and play for 15 min. a month,but who buys all of these expansions? Now the 3 (or 4?) expansions cost more than the actual game. I like the game, but I am not going to pay more for expansions than I had to pay for the game.

-Mezzo-3489d ago

Agreed, but if you enjoy the game and pay for 4 or 5 expansion packs, which by adding comes upto the price of yet another game, But doesn't adding 4/5 expansion packs all together makes it a whole game of it's own .

PirateThom3489d ago

Pain, as a standalone, is already overpriced.

The expansions are also overpriced.

Dark_Overlord3489d ago

I think it was about £3 - £4

PirateThom3489d ago

I got it when it was first released, as well as the amusement park add-on. :(

-Mezzo-3489d ago

I got it on the day it was released. i still enjoy it, i don't care how much a game costs if it successes in giving me endless hours of joy.

Steve0073489d ago

I agree with you. even though it sucks to pay for the stuff that could have been included in the game, even though i feel like an idot who is played by the companies each day.

It still does not matter if the game is a bundle of joy.