Hideo Kojima reveals girlfriend's name, space travel dreams

Anoop Gantayat from writes:
"As promised last week, Hideo Kojima appeared at the Apple Store in Ginza for the shop's sixth installment in its Dream Classroom series, where speakers from a variety of fields discuss their dreams and influences. Rather than a speech, the event was conducted like an interview, first through an MC from Kadokawa Shoten, and then with the mic opening for fan questions.

The event space on the third floor of the shop was filled to capacity, requiring that some stand. Expectedly, the crowd was mostly Japanese, but there were a good number of foreigners, two of whom weren't shy about asking questions during the open Q&A part."

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Snake Raiser3462d ago

Maybe MGS5 will have a space scene? Hope that HK gets to see his dream come true one day.

Unbiased13462d ago

Poor guy, he doesn't know Moon landing was fake.

Snake Raiser3462d ago

Are you the same guy who keeps going around calling people "sheeple" ?
Or are you a new one? I think you're all conspiring to make people think that every thing is a conspiracy! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh! !!

zoneofenders3462d ago (Edited 3462d ago )

lol Unbiased1...poor guy...still think moon landing was a conspiracy....

R2D23462d ago (Edited 3462d ago )

invents a time travel machine and goes to the future and anal rapes his self and then travels back before the present time to warn his self, does that make him gay?

Timesplitter143462d ago

Guys, don't you know a NEW WORLD ORDER is coming?

TheColbertinator3462d ago


No it makes you gay for thinking up sh!t like that.

kickaski3462d ago

it doesn't matter whether or not it was fake, the point was that he became infatuated with going to space. we can all agree that the moon landing isn't a big deal either way and that there are bigger problems at hand, like the war economy, internet control, centralization of power in regards to the UN and the rest of the stuff already shown in MGS :-)

ZackFair3462d ago

There's no need to insult gay people.

Matpan3461d ago

Dinosaurs are fake too! the proof is you never saw one!

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Spike473462d ago

Especially in AOL news, the comments there are way beyond the fanboyism in, lol.

Drano3462d ago

Would I like a conversation head to head with that guy. I'm gonna make games one day and it will be because of him.

Jump Beyond.

Timesplitter143462d ago

Kojima has no future. Kojima IS the future

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The story is too old to be commented.