Micro-transactions Leads To More Free Games

Analyst and game developers believe the next big thing in gaming is giving away the proverbial razor blades and selling the blades. Micro-transactions are upon us!

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Kain814085d ago

use this kind of Buissnes.

The question is will The Agency (PS3), DC-Universe Online and the NCsoft MMORPGs will use this kind of Buissnes??

Mikerra174084d ago

This is the new way games will be going and its extremely smart business wise.

WoW cost roughly $15 a month which includes everything.

these new "free" MMOs will cost nothing to begin with, but with time people will become addicted to the game or just want to be the best, with that these people will buy things for $1-$5 thinking its no big deal, but it will add up fast and players will most likely be paying more money a month than they did for games such as WoW or EQ2

DelbertGrady4084d ago (Edited 4084d ago )

It's also a way for developers/publishers to avoid losing money on piracy.

Mikerra174084d ago

good point I didnt think about that

soljah4084d ago

isn't home also partly based on the micro transaction model, for the companies that come on board to develop home spaces to promote their products and games?

thezuur4084d ago

it could become a platform for many things. there is the echochrome arcade inside, while most would see that as a demo, this may become common place.

Bboy_Izilla4084d ago

Still wondering how vendors [both physical and virtual] will react and/or adjust to this. A large majority of the benefits of Micro-trans are cutting out the middle man. How comfortable is a Gamestop going to be when a 60 dollar game is making that three fold over the next couple years post-release?