N4G Limiting Growth Of Small Sites?

lvl2 Gamer writes:

"As many of you may know, N4G has been under a lot of fire for being a fanboy haven, where many of the hot front page articles are usually flamebait pieces based on speculation or just pure hate on particular consoles, etc. The admin at N4G recently posted plans to crack down such controversial articles by implementing a new beta Source Filtering algorithm, that should detect articles which are purposely set out as flamebait. But does this mean that smaller sites will suffer in the long run?"

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-MoOkS-4086d ago (Edited 4086d ago )

Most droids came to n4g from, because 360 owners run gamespot and ign.....and droids got owned left right and centre.

This site is their refuge

DarK-SilV4086d ago (Edited 4086d ago )


Sony Rep4086d ago (Edited 4086d ago )

Oh. Look. The little bot by himself... taking a stand with his superman drawers on. Where's your other friends, bot? They only come out once a month like a period?

And since when was the N4G main page a forum? N4G is the hottest gaming site around. Check the facts

No Way4086d ago

What kinda comeback was that? Wow.. Lol.
That was sad..

Come on, at least go kindergarten.. "Your momma is.."
It would have been better than what you just showed.. =/

bujasem_894085d ago

i mean what the hell is the point of this article seriosly first of all no one cares second i think this site gives the chance for small small sites tht no one would ever give a SH*T about to atleast get visited every now and then this article is pointless in so many ways it should just be removed as soon as rationality comes in

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Darkfocus4086d ago

because those sites never would have had the exposure in the first place

Uncle Rico4086d ago

Well after the new filter...what's your take?

original seed4086d ago

write QUALITY articles. Its ok to have some controversy but not straight flambait articles. HHGS always have flamebait articles because the "Journalist" are extreme Fanboys. They dont know how to write a well thought out argument.

Darkfocus4086d ago

I meant that even if the sites are getting filtered out its not decreasing there exposure because they never would have had that exposure in the first place if n4g didn't exist. Still its an interesting article and dos bring up some good points.

Uncle Rico4086d ago

Well there are many ways to head to the top..whether it be news, media, previews, interviews, etc..but there are some articles that make for good debate but just tip toe on uneasy waters...and with the reputation of some sites making up opinions, without even proper facts...the good articles automatically are labeled as flamebait even before people read it.

poopface14086d ago

why? because most of them are biased garbage and most of the crap stories on this site come form some no-name site or fanboy blog. The real problem it the crap getting approved. this site is a fanboy heaven tho, because they can agree with each other and feel like they are the majority, when normal people dont give a crap waht console they like.

Max Power4086d ago (Edited 4086d ago )

my understanding of the possible N4G website rating system, is that the members of this site will rate the website by quality. If a website has quality articles and what not then it will get a good rating from the members and will be allowed on the site. Now if a site writes terrible articles, steals news from other sites and just re-word it, or doesn't give a site proper credit then the members will vote the site down. Well at least that is my understanding of what I heard the next update will bring.

Milky Joe4086d ago

The thing is, there's only so much room for gaming news sites, and unless you can bring something new to the table there really isn't a great deal of point trying to break in.

We really don't need any more gaming news sites tbh.

Immortal Kaim4086d ago

I'm cautiously optimistic about this new update. From what I understand the update will introduce an algorithm that looks for 'red flags', which means over time it will start to recognise 'flamebait' articles from particular sites that constantly submit them cough HHG cough...

TIKUP4086d ago

well it must be a slow news day today..................

morganfell4086d ago

The author doesn't understand the difference between a small legitimate site and some wordpress blog thrown up by a 14 year old writing a single paragraph of crap he made up during study hall while he was picking his nose.

Here is what Dusty had to say about the filter:

littletad4086d ago

Well at least the criticism is.

"With a great bubble score, fanboys are free to rampage and flood articles with comments, that are most of the times un-researched, uneducated, not thought out properly and so on."

gaminoz4086d ago

It really depends on the 'red flags'. I'm all for getting rid of all the fanboy rubbish...but if smaller commentary articles are accidentally or purposely eliminated by the system, then I don't like it.

News is just boring announced facts with PR attached and everyone can get it from anywhere within a day. Opinion on news and commentary and debate on gaming is much more interesting and why I'm here.

Milky Joe4086d ago

"are accidentally or purposely eliminated by the system"

Just made me think of Ocelot in MGS4. THE SYSTEM IS OURS!!!

Valkyrie834086d ago

Very excited about this filter, should do great things for N4G and these sites who's only source of traffic is all know who they are!

player9114086d ago

I love N4G. If your site is so bad that you can't get visitors unless you create stupid flame based articles and post threads here to lure people there for hits, then your site sucks.

This is a News site, not an advertising site. Stay ahead of the curve and figure out ways to take advantage of N4G vs trying to use it as a venue for hits.

XboxOZ3604086d ago

I've also noticed that none of you naysers have even ventured into the official thread ( on the matter, and seen what is being "discussed" at all . . . ??? - No - didn't think so!

You're off on a tangent, doing EXACTLY what the thread is discusing, STOPPING this sort of dumb-arsed stuff from happening. If you are so adamant that you are RIGHT, then voice your concerns in the actual thread .or would that really show your real colours, and perhaps attract the attention of the powers-to-be . . .

Thought so.

XxZxX4086d ago

what now? N4G is supposed to guide your growth? If You want to grow, pay for ad like google ad. Otherwise shut up.

anh_duong4085d ago (Edited 4085d ago )

i am glad that N4G is doing this because it makes it less likely this site gets clogged up with flamebait rubbish.

Sanzee4085d ago

THE ONLY REASON SMALL SITES ARE POSTING FANBOY ARTICLES IS TO GET HITS ON THEIR WEBSITES! There is NO other reason. For example, BadAssGamerBlog posts anti-xbox360 stuff EVERY DAY, just to get attention from both sides. Sad really..

You guys need to knock that sh*t off

edgeofblade4085d ago

What we need is an organic, community-driven method for controlling flamebait... and I can think of one way to do that.

Break up the approval cartels.

For example, if the same 3 people provide 75% of the approval votes, increase the publication minimum votes for that domain by a percentage of the recurring votes. Each week, decrease the number of votes required by one. This not only breaks up an individual site's cartel, but it also puts a hamper on fanboys who will approve anything positive about their console. Either they have to expand their cartel, or back off the stories. In effect, expanding their cartel will spiral their minimum out of control and limit their sway over the site until it would take a while to recover to an operational state.

king dong24085d ago

even though this is exactly the same sort of thing that the author complains about, this hits the nail on the head.

ban the blogs, ban the fan sites...just bring the news!

IcarusOne4085d ago

Get ready for the banhammer, HHG. Or shape up and stop writing bait-tastic garbage.

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DarK-SilV4086d ago


Zzzzzz ZZZzzzzz

what,where am I?,fanboys haven!!


4086d ago
DelbertGrady4086d ago

So it's ok to approve hiphopgamers barely readable pieces of flamebait crap but not this?


Before the free zone and all this Bs....and it was at once xbox fanboy haven but now its kinda even

I did not murder him4086d ago

I have been getting my news here ever so often since each console had its own sister site before the merge what you're saying is not true. The "now its kinda even" comment is like saying Fox News is bipartisan with staff, reporting and philosophy.

Max Power4086d ago

and it was a very pro xbox site, but since then it has swung the other way, and primarily hosts more sony fans.

doctorstrange4086d ago (Edited 4086d ago )

I'm about to launch my own website and I think n4g is quite a useful platform for smaller websites to promote themselves. As long as articles are well written and informative websites shouldn't have to resort to flamebait for hits.

p.s. Does this mean the end to Hiphopgamer?

ry-guy4086d ago

Cross my fingers, I hope so.

cmacdonald4086d ago

No more HHG.

Ban the idiot

somekindofmike4086d ago

lol, I obviously don't use this site enough, I always thought Hip Hop Gamer was popular, judging by the ratings.

I always hated HHG rubbish, it's all sensationalised nonsense, like 'GTA5 to be PS3 exclusive?' with no reason or logic.