Resident Evil: Archives trailer shows and shows nothing

Destructoid: It is becoming more and more clear that Capcom doesn't think it can possibly release the original Resident Evil enough. The game's been updated and revamped more than Joan River's face and they aren't stopping. Next up is the Wii port of the game Resident Evil: Archives which just got a Japanese teaser trailer. The budget game will feature remakes of Resident Evil and Resident Evil: Zero that have already been released before as separate games in Japan.The trailer itself is pretty much useless on all fronts as it doesn't show any new content, but does proclaim proudly that the game will be on the Wii.

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condorstrike3489d ago

Finally Resident Evil back to it's roots and with zombies...;)

rjguess3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

Why don't people just buy the Gamecube version and play it on the wii? It looks the same as the GC game to me.

kwicksandz3489d ago

i would if i could find them in a store. but i can just get this version instead!

condorstrike3489d ago

I understand what you're saying but it's a nice package with motion control, and updated graphics.... nice for those new to the franchise.

rjguess3489d ago

Yeah it is a good package. I will end up buying it to b/c I am a RE fan so I don't even know why I made such a comment. But the graphics don't look updated to me. Can't wait to see some gameplay though.