Week recap: PS3 FFVII Blu-ray; Xbox 360 Elite; Wii sales

Punch Jump Week Recap. Stories include:

Sony Corp.'s Playstation 3 ranked as the No. 1 hardware in Japan in the latest sales data. Sales were boosted by a Blu-ray release.

Sony this week released patch 1.24 to Killzone 2. The update addresses various game issues and adds three new ranks and a new search filter.

Sales for Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox 360 fell in the latest Japan retail tally. The hardware ranked fifth in overall sales.

Microsoft this week announced a new two-game Xbox 360 Elite bundle that includes Halo 3 and Fable 2.

Sales for Nintendo Co.'s Wii stabilized in the latest Japan sales. The hardware ranked fourth in overall sales.

Enterbrain Inc. this week said that sales for Wii have topped eight million units in Japan. The hardware was released on Dec. 2, 2006 in the region.

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eagle214094d ago

meh, it's only mooks. :p

Sibs4094d ago

Japan is a country, sorta like the UK. Countries have people, that buy things. Nice things too, like xboxes and ps3s. Sales = sold stuff, so therefore Japan counts, especially when Japan is usually ahead of the game and is usually a good sign of the future of the rest of the markets.


SmokingMonkey4094d ago

Isn't the PS3 the first console to outsell the Wii in any region for at least 4 consecutive months?

no links to back my claim, i'm lazy......

eagle214094d ago (Edited 4094d ago )

PS3 will own worldwide! :)

Bow down xbot peasants. :)