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Why Dynasty Warriors Is The Greatest Videogame Series Ever

Destructoid: Any sane, reasonable, intelligent human being already knows by now that Koei's Dynasty Warriors series is the greatest collection of videogames to have ever stalked the Earth. Featuring a unique blend of unrelenting hardcore gaming action and fiendishly cerebral tactical challenges, it has been said by many that Dynasty Warriors is humanity's greatest cultural achievement since Dio's Holy Diver.

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pixelsword3553d ago (Edited 3553d ago )

you almost play the same game just about.

Over and over and over again.

how is that great?

Past #2, it repeats,

So, it's a rent.



Andreas-Sword3553d ago

The new KOEI games "Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2" and "Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce" are not the same. These games are different and innovative games.

For example: Video 1:

Andreas-Sword3553d ago

That is correct. it is true. Dynasty Warriors is a big game serie and the Greatest Videogame Serie Ever.

Unicron3553d ago

Cuz it's got Gundams. Duh!


It needs a online feature imagine...256 players in a vs match

WhittO3553d ago

lol! now that would be a looong game !

ThatCanadianGuy3553d ago

I really enjoy all of the Dynasty warrior games.Been playing Dynasty warriors 6 for the past few days.

Looking forward to Dynasty warriors 6: Empires

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The story is too old to be commented.